Do you see the shift?

Users expect an amazing user experience. Companies expect intuitive applications that drive up user adoption and drive down training costs while keeping support effort low.


Users have spoken and reject unnecessary complexity. The role of a technician changes as tasks are automated. New technologies, new possibilities.


Users are focusing on their core area of responsibility. De-aggregation of features and functions with single-purpose role-based apps can optimize processes while capturing data needed in related workflows. Better data = better insights.


Cutting-Edge Technology

For Custom UX & Apps

By understanding the available technologies and your business processes, Evora will guide you through the various technologies and find the right way to build an efficient and appealing solution for your business processes.

From Design to Deployment

We support you in leveraging the existing tools and help you adapting the strategy to your needs with dedicated design services for implementation, optimization and customizing applications. Evora provides you with tailored services on your journey to a better user experience.

Design Workshop

Evora facilitates design workshops with the relevant stakeholders: your business, IT and end users based on the Design Thinking methodology. The goal is first to identify the problem scope. We will guide you through the workshop to get the necessary information we need to create a design concept, mockup or prototype for the solution.

User Experience Evaluation

Evora helps you to understand the benefits and challenges of different frontend technologies based on your processes, enabling you to make a future-safe decision and re-use the the outcome of this evaluation where applicable. Using a user-centric approach, you will rapidly realize return on your investment with streamlined processes and happy  users.

Custom App Development

We implement  your processes including setup and configuration of preferred frontend technologies (e.g. SAP, Click (by Salesforce), ServiceNow, …). Based on your specific needs we develop custom extensions or companion apps. For your SAP environment we offer a kickstart package with tailored services around system setup, customizing of apps, enhancements of existing apps or development of new SAP Fiori apps according to your processes and needs.

Project Success

Project Success

Digital customer service at Siemens Healthineers

Evora develops solutions for optimized staff scheduling and mobile service support (e.g. checklists) and ensures smooth operation and seamless integration with SAP, Click (by Salesforce) and other systems. Together with our customer we shape the future of the health care system, currently already in 9 countries with almost 3,000 mobile users. Read more about the project

Evora took the project team at Siemens Healthineers on an agile journey with the common goal of providing the mobile service technicians with a successful app for their daily work. The constructive and friendly team culture contributed to the success just as much as the cooperative and trusting collaboration.

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Evora is the right partner for you to understand and adopt the moblie & SAP User Experience strategy. See some apps & projects we developed for our customers or get in touch to learn more.

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