SAP Field Service Management

We at Evora see a huge need for our customers to efficiently manage their field resources, enable customer service, and have a fully integrated solution with their SAP environment. SAP Field Service Management (FSM) allows them to easily manage, plan, and dispatch the service operations and supports even more complex scenarios. Plus, a frequently requested use case for FSM is the easy onboarding and integration of externals: subsidiaries, service partners and freelancers. 

SAP FSM Key Features

Planning & Dispatching

Calendar with technician schedules is visualized in a Gantt chart; Easily drag & drop work orders; Map integration for location-based planning

AI based Scheduling

Automated planning, scheduling for defined scenarios; Out-of-the box logic support for configuration

Crowd Workforce

Easy integration for subsidiaries, service partners and freelancers; Fast onboarding & self-service for externals; Supports the end-to-end process

Customer Self-Service

Portal for customers to report issues related to their equipment; Service for booking an appointment according to the availability of the technicians

Smart Forms and Feedback

Easy way to setup questionnaire and forms; Can be linked to orders and updated while dispatching, or during the mobile processing

Analytics and Reporting

Visually track key performance indicators to see at a glance how departments, teams and employees are performing; Allows to quickly build dashboard reports using pre-assembled queries

Sharing FSM Knowledge

Sharing FSM Knowledge

SAP FSM supports the complete process from triggering a service, planning and scheduling technicians, field service execution and settlement of all data to the backend for administrative consolidation. Evora has been involved with a number of implementations for end-to-end field service management solutions. In several sessions we shared the best practices to consider for a FSM implementation.

The main strength of SAP Field Service Management (FSM) is the easy onboarding of externals and the smooth and automated scheduling of service orders, while considering employee qualifications, customer requests and appointments.

Integrate & Extend

SAP FSM can be used as a standalone product, but also fully integrated into the SAP modules SAP Plant Maintenance and Customer Service, or with the SAP Service Cloud. As part of the implementation, the Evora team has a strong focus on the integration between SAP FSM and the SAP-system (whether SAP ECC or S/4HANA). Beyond that, if customers are planning to implement SAP FSM now and want to transition to S/4HANA later, it can be achieved with a low effort. Another key aspect, and a core strength of Evora: SAP FSM can be easily extended in different ways, such as UI configuration, defining business rules, and adding custom SAP UI5 extensions such as audible signal as an alarm. Reach out to us to learn more!