On a mission for customer success

The wisdom, knowledge and experience of Evora employees at implementing complex workforce management solutions is what sets us apart. We look for the best to hire and to keep.

Company Facts:
350+ Employees
11 Locations
2011 Established

For Evora, as a SAP implementation partner it’s vital to keep updated on the future road map. Visiting SAP TechEd gives us the opportunity to meet and collaborate with topic owners, to discuss challenges we face at our customer projects and deliver better solutions.

The working atmosphere in Evora is great! One of our core values is collaboration and through various technologies we are able to collaborate virtually across time zones, across geographies really easily and that helps us deliver outstanding solutions for our customers.

As an IT consultant I’m taking on different roles depending on the project. The biggest impact for the company I feel acting as a project manager, practically being a multiplier: passing on my knowledge and my experience to my colleagues and empowering them to take on and conclude projects themselves.

India Bangalore

Founded in 2011, Evora India is where our story began as a company. Evora India has the most employees with a comfortable main location in Bengaluru. The Bengaluru office provides state of the art infrastructure for enhanced collaboration, focused training and freedom for re-energizing for more than 200 consultants, developers & application experts. Management: Vivek Joshi

USA New York

The US team is spread all over the country with the corporate office in New York, NY. When not working on site for customers in the Americas, most of our consultants work remotely from their home offices. Management: Jan-Erik Bätz.

Germany Walldorf

Headquartered in Walldorf partner port of SAP, Germany is Evora’s second largest location. The team of business and technology consultants serves the majority of Evora customers in Europe. Management: Timo Elbert.

Brazil São Paulo

While not a subsidiary, São Paulo is home base for our Brazilian consultants who are part of the US Team.

Austria Vienna

Evora Austria was founded in 2019. From the office in Vienna we serve Austrian customers in the utility, transportation, and manufacturing industries. Management: Uwe Ofner.

Spain Zaragoza

In October 2022 Evora IT Solutions announced the foundation of Evora IT Solutions, S.L. located in Zaragoza, Spain. The managing director of the new location is Alfonso Lacerda who was appointed with effect from October 1st, 2022. Starting already with a team of three experienced consultants, Evora Spain aims to deliver value-added innovative solutions for customers in Spain and globally.

Switzerland Thalwil

Officially founded end of 2022, the new Evora Swiss organization starts operations early in 2023.

Canada Toronto

In order to best serve our customer base in Toronto, a local team in Canada extends the US Team.

India Pune

In 2022 further locations in Noida and Pune has been founded. Management in Pune: Pratik Chavan.

India Noida

In 2022 further locations in Noida and Pune has been founded. Management in Noida: Vivek Joshi.

India Hyderabad

In 2024 the new location in Hyderabad has been founded. Management in Noida: Damodar Namballa.

Organization Virtual teams worldwide

Evora has subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and India together building the Evora IT Solutions Group GmbH headquartered in Germany, which is part of Allgeier Group. 

Our team members work at customer sites, from home and at our country specific offices.


The start

Affiliation and dedication to SAP software is deeply embedded in our company DNA. Our company founders met during their careers at SAP as early as the year 2002, and worked together in their consulting careers prior to founding Evora in 2011. The inspiration for the company was to combine the best of east and west; pairing software development skills in India and mobile consulting at our first customers in Europe and North America.

(The picture shows Christian Bartels, Karthik Setty and Gregor Bender)

The expansion

Developing sophisticated solutions for metering and maintenance processes, mastering big projects and winning awards, the company was ready for the next step by 2013. The management team founded Evora US and Evora Germany at once. User Experience (UX) experts joined the team strengthening our custom development capabilities. In order to serve strategic customers with global installations, we launched our 24/7 support organization.


Today, Evora has grown to a company with a team of more than 200 with an annual growth rate of about 25%. We have proudly delivered well over 800 projects in the last years ranging from custom solutions for local utilities to world wide solutions for multi national companies. Our company is as global and as diverse as our customer base. Our DNA is made up of the employees in India, North and South America and Europe. Our process knowledge spans various industries; we maintain a strong connection to our partner SAP, where the Evora story once began.


New Chapter

Evora IT Solutions Becomes Part of Allgeier Group

Almost exactly 10 years after founding Evora IT Solutions, Evora’s management has taken another major step forward. After an exhaustive search for a suitable partner to expand the growth of the international Evora corporate group, a purchase agreement with Allgeier SE for the acquisition of a majority stake in Evora…

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Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Engagement for Society & Environment

As part of our social responsibility, we are donating to charitable causes in the countries where we are based and support organisations worldwide. The local Evora teams select an organization every year in which we believe in to make a difference to society as a whole. We at Evora also strive to attain sustainability, reduce our carbon footprint and optimise use of resources. In addition to activities to limit our carbon footprint, we compensate for the remaining CO2 emissions that cannot be reduced.

dummy Climate-neutral Company

On our way to becoming climate-neutral, Evora Germany received support from a partner “Fokus Zukunft” and conducted a CO2 audit. We were able to compensate the CO2 consumption in 2021 with an investment in climate protection certificates. The audit for the year 2022 is already on the way, with more news to share later!

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dummy Biomass Project in India

For our German Customer Summit event in 2022 we compensated about 46to CO2. To reduce the carbon footprint, Evora invested in compensation of CO2 emissions caused by an onsite meeting, also adding in that we waived promotional items. Instead we invested an amount of 500 Euro in a Biomass Power Project in India via Gold Standard Foundation.

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dummy Private initiative orphanage in Namibia

One of the German Evorians has been supporting a private donation initiative for an orphanage in Namibia. Her friend is in Namibia herself, raises funds and searches for support for the orphanage project. The EvoFit donation of 2,500 Euro contributed to the building of the orphanage and also to support of the orphans in their daily needs.

dummy Doctors without Borders

As part of the 2021 Corporate Christmas Donation campaign of “Doctors without Borders” Evora Germany has donated an amount of 3,000 euros from the EvoFit Challenge. With this support, we can help the organization provide medical aid where it is urgently needed: in conflict zones, after natural disasters and when epidemics break out around the world.

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dummy NGO empowering persons with disabilities

The organization that receives the EvoFit donation in India will be Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled. Apart from supporting children with disabilities, they are at the forefront in terms of making public spaces more accessible.  They have upgraded over 100 railway stations across 26 states in India to make it more disable friendly and currently they run a program to setup digital class rooms to support remote teaching.  Our funding of 4,50,000 rupees (about 5.400 €) will help them support more then 3000 disabled children PAN India to receive quality education at the same time support them in being involved in sport activities.

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dummy Children’s Minnesota

Evora US has also decided to split our donation of $ 8,000 between two charities. Both organizations have played an important role in the life of a team member. Children’s Minnesota is one of the largest freestanding pediatric health systems in the United States — with two hospitals, nine primary care clinics, seven rehabilitation and nine specialty care sites. They are committed to improving children’s health by providing the highest-quality, family-centered care, advanced through research and education.

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dummy MOMO Pediatric Palliative Home Care

The multi-professional MOMO team provides medical, nursing, therapeutic and psychosocial support for children and adolescents who are suffering from terminal and life-threatening diseases, and their families. Our contribution from the EvoFit Challenge of 2,700 euros enables the private initiative to care for seriously ill children at home and relieve their families.

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dummy Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald Upper Mid-West is one of two organizations, which have played an important role in the life of a team member, and have been selected to receive the donation. Ronald McDonald House provides a warm and welcoming community of support and respite for families with seriously ill or injured children. Services include: Lodging, Meals, Kitchen access with fully stocked pantries, laundry facilities, an accredited K-12 school, ans supportive, family-focused programming.

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dummy Isolation Centres for COVID Patients

Rashtrotthana Parishat is an NGO working in the field of health and education since 1965 in Bengaluru, Karnataka. They have set  up  three  Isolation  Centres  where COVID  patients with mild or no symptoms can be isolated and monitored to relieve the burden on the healthcare system. Evora India donated 325,000 Rupies or 3.700 euros to support the organisation during the dramatic pandemic in 2021 as the city’s daily COVID count has been riding to thousands.

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dummy Plant for the Planet

With another donation of Euro 2,000 as part of the EvoFit sports challenge, Evora is planting trees against the climate crisis, contributing to the world’s sustainability and helping to save our children’s future. The youth initiative Plant-for-the-Planet is dedicated to planting trees to protect the climate. A tree absorbs at least 200 kg of CO2 in its lifetime. The organization is committed to planting 1,000 billion trees by 2030 through worldwide planting projects.

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dummy Khan Academy Online Learning

As a result of our EvoFit challenge, the Evora US team selected this not-for-profit organization to receive our $4,100 donation. This helps Khan Academy to continue helping learners of all ages to fill gaps in their knowledge and reach their full potential. From a four year old using the Khan Kids iPad app in the US, to an eleven year old learning JavaScript in India, Evora family members across the globe can benefit from Khan Academy. 

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dummy Helping Families in Need

Evora team Austria decided to donate the EvoFit contribution to the “Families in Need” initiative of Caritas. The donated amount of 2000 Euros will be used by Caritas to help affected families in counseling centers and mother-child homes so that children grow up in a safe environment despite difficult situations.

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dummy Helping People to Help Themselves

A peaceful celebration and hopeful start to the New Year should not depend on if you can afford it. Evora is supporting the fight against hunger and poverty with our donation of 2,000 euros to World Hunger Aid as part of our EvoFit Challenge. The German Welthungerhilfe organization is active in 36 countries and promotes projects such as the training of Indian small farmers in sustainable cultivation, food for infants from displaced families in Africa or education about healthy nutrition through local organizations in South America.

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Ashraya in India

Our Evora team in India regularly visits the Ashraya Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Centre in R.T Nagar, Bangalore. Evora donated 400,000 (four lakhs) Rupees (about 5,000 Euros) to the center which provides education, medical care, rehabilitation and vocational training for about 60 children aged 6-15 years, some of them mentally or physically challenged.

dummy Save the Planet

The organization Atmosfair contributes to CO₂ mitigation by promoting, developing and financing renewable energies. Evora Germany donated 5,000 Euros which will help to cook more efficiently in Nigeria, generate renewable electricity in India, or build biogas plants in Kenya. The US organization Teamtrees.org set a challenge for donations to plant 20 million trees by 2020. The goal was reached with donations to plant over 21.6 million trees including the Evora USA donation of 5,000 Euros from our EvoFit challenge.

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dummy Science Support – Cancer Research

Evora Austria selected St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research as a recipient of donations within the EvoFit Challenge. The donated amount of 2,500 Euros will help to evaluate new treatment options and conduct clinical studies in pediatric oncology. The Institute is engaged in the use of the cutting-edge technologies to provide treatments for children and adolescents suffering from cancer.

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