Maximum Efficiency

At minimum cost

Optimized Maintenance

Balance the need for technology services with the availability of qualified technicians.


Factor in corresponding time frames of technical assets and operating routines.


Optimize the work assignments and extend planning accuracy.

Customer Service

Match customer demand against the available supply of service experts.

Process Support

Effectively manage installation, service or repairs of systems or equipment, and support administrative processes.

Manage Mobile Workforce

Organizations are in need of managing a growing number of service requests and resources. In order to optimize resource utilization and ensure the reliable delivery of services, the entire process is important. Our Mobile Workforce Management Cycle show the steps to consider.



Every workforce management process begins with a list of processes in the main system (such as SAP PM). Work or service orders are entered in the main system, service request may come from the CRM system or predictive analytics kick off a demand.


Dispatch resources quickly and cost-effectively. Evora offers a portfolio of solutions for scheduling work, assignment and dispatch to technicians.


On the end device, we ensure efficient mobile processes that help to increase service levels and responsiveness and meet the highest requirements for the traceability of activities.


Back in the backend system we monitor the process until the completion utilizing approval boards or kick off additional maintenance tasks. Critical requests like time and material confirmations can be reviewed by a supervisor before getting booked.

FLEXIBLE Work assignment

FLEXIBLE Work assignment

Made easy with EvoPlan

When it comes to manual scheduling, speed, overview and ease of use are of the highest importance. That is what EvoPlan is all about! This fully SAP integrated solution allows your planners to quickly assign work to technicians either via either mobile or paper-based execution. At the same time, EvoPlan tracks work status keeping you in touch with the situations in the field. With its intuitive user interface and wide-range of customizable options, you can accelerate your planning while minimizing change to your existing planning processes. Learn more about EvoPlan

FLEXIBLE Work assignment

Project Support & Consulting

For the implementation of the selected solution we build on our experience and hand-picked teams of experts including best in class consultants and development architects.

Knowledge Transfer

Introduction sessions to get an overview for available or preferred scheduling solution

Decision support

Hands-on discovery access and fit/gap workshop to find out if and how the solution could fit your needs


Different deployment options depending on your specific needs & complexity

Occidental Petroleum (OXY)
Infraserv Hoechst
Hamburg Wasser
Tadano Faun
Wiener Netze
Deutsche Bahn (DB)
Siemens Healthineers
NRG Energy
Wien Energie
Metropolitan Utilities District – MUD
City of Toronto
Washington Gas & Light
Energie Steiermark
National Fuel Gas (NFG)
Toronto Hydro
29 May 2024
Copperberg Field Service Forum
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Service is a game changer
What’s considered field or customer service by technology service providers, might be part of operational maintenance for a manufacturing company. Observing the innovations in the service area helps to optimize internal processes for asset management and maintenance. In other words, the “customer” is the company’s own production site. That’s the…
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18-20 June 2024
SAP for Process Industries and Natural Resources Conference
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11-13 June 2024
Maintenance Days Austria 2024
Salzburg, Austria
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SAP Field Service Management enables our technicians to see everything at a glance and create field reports on their mobile devices while on the move. This saves a lot of time and effort, increases the maintenance data quality of the machinery and boosts overall productivity.

SAP Services and Solutions
Why should you work with Evora? We “eat, sleep and breath” SAP. We build on our experience and an expert team of consultants including best-in-class designers and development architects. The wisdom and knowledge of Evora employees in implementing complex workforce management solutions is what sets us apart. Let’s talk about your requirements!
Download Flyer | PDF, 308.8kB

Elara has long championed innovative approaches and technologies to improve outcomes for patients and reduce payer costs. Partnering with Evora has contributed to our ability to fulfill our mission-driven goals while meeting consumers’ escalating home health needs.

We’re proud of our partnership with Elara Caring and our work together to connect teams and streamline processes so Elara caregivers can continue providing outstanding care to their patients. Our team’s knowledge of the ServiceNow platform, specifically the FSM and HCLS products, allowed us to implement the additional customizations and functionalities needed to help Elara enhance their operations.

Redefining the Future of Patient Care
Evora IT Solutions, an international consulting company in the field of mobile workforce management and user experience, has implemented a cloud-based mobile scheduling and care management ServiceNow solution for Elara Caring, the leading national home health provider offering high-quality, value-based clinical and personal care services across the patient continuum. Evora helped equip Elara’s…
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Eco-efficiency in maintenance
In the past, cost reduction and efficiency improvement were the driving forces in the field of maintenance, customer service, and asset management. However, a new perspective has emerged recently: ecological #sustainability. The increasing relevance of sustainable practices in the industry, as well as legislation such as the EU Green Deal,…
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Eco-efficiency as a “driving force” for maintenance & IT: In future, the EU Taxonomy Regulation will give this topic a similar legal relevance in asset-intensive companies as work safety does today. Maintenance and asset management have a direct impact on the optimisation of eco-efficiency.

Evora has a practical proposal for all SAP users who are addressing the subject of eco-efficiency. The matrix of Evora’s solution offerings and areas of action results in 140 objects of consideration and thus opportunities for improving eco-efficiency in companies. We guide you through the process, from the rough analysis, business case assessment and profitability calculation to the project contract, taking into account the importance and leverage effect for your company or the system in question.

Customer Success Summit 2024
We kicked off 2024 with a Customer Success Summit! Together with our customers, the Evora-team met once again: More than 30 representatives from the manufacturing industry, chemical industry, utilities and public institutions from the DACH region came together in Frankfurt to exchange ideas and learn about the latest solutions and…
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Field Service Appointments
The urgency for embracing automated & AI powered solutions within FSM to enhance the overall appointment booking process is prominent. By addressing the challenges associated with manual methods, organizations can streamline operations, improve customer experiences and achieve greater efficiency in the increasingly dynamic and competitive field service industry.
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Field Service Excellence
In the rapidly evolving world of industrial manufacturing, achieving excellence in field services is more than just a strategic goal – it is a competitive necessity. Manufacturers must now transcend traditional service boundaries, offering more than just products, but holistic solutions that elevate the entire customer experience.
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Miba – SAP Field Service Management
Miba develops and produces function-critical components for applications along the entire energy value chain. At 20 production sites worldwide, over 7,000 employees manufacture components for vehicles, ships, aircraft, construction and agricultural machinery, wind turbines or power grids. For internal maintenance, a solution was needed to cover all process steps: from…
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SAP Analytics Cloud
When managing maintenance processes with SAP, a lot of data is collected – about the orders, operations, time bookings, components, technicians as well as costs. We at Evora IT Solutions can shorten the road to the intelligent maintenance objective! With EvoSuite, a huge amount of information from the SAP EAM system is available for evaluation. Leveraging AI capabilities from SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), a wide range of reports is available out-of-the-box. Get started with your maintenance performance overview project!
| PDF, 454.3kB
Sensor Based Maintenance at PFW
PFW Aerospace, a leading solution provider to the manufacturing aerospace industry, has converted the maintenance of its machinery to predictive, sensor-based maintenance using SAP technology.
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We were very happy to have Evora as an experienced implementation partner at our side. From concept design and technology consulting to implementation, rollout, and support in productive operation, Evora delivered everything from a single source. From initialization to implementation took a period of 18 months. Based on this work, PFW will benefit for years to come by applying the concept to new use cases.

Future applications are not limited to maintenance planning, but through the integration of various other functions, such as vibration measurements and identifying anomalies, we will be able to perform even more targeted and accurate maintenance and repairs, and the performance level of the machines can be increased even further.

Evora’s experts also supported us with the basics: data collection, analyzation and bringing it into models, which then helped us readjust our maintenance intervals and realign them with the real-life conditions. The cooperation with Evora was seamless, without any barriers — we work together as one company. We broke new ground in many places. It was always a bit of inventing new things, discovering new things and combining new things to achieve a viable solution.

Deliver Service Excellence with SAP FSM
Take your field service out of the silo! With SAP’s Field Service Management solution, Evora can help your business harmonize field service scheduling & execution, ensure safety of customers & workers, integrate processes across front & back offices, etc. Learn more about how we can help you eliminate silos, automate workflows & streamline processes.
Download Flyer | PDF, 338.7kB
Reimagining Campus Services with ServiceNow FSM
Do you struggle with disconnected processes, scheduling inefficiencies and workforce management? With ServiceNow’s Field Service Management, Evora focuses on delivering a smooth experience by automating processes and creating a modern experience for the campus community. Learn how to reimagine your campus services!
Download Flyer | PDF, 330.0kB
Why Your FSM Process is Lacking
Does your business suffer from a lack of efficiency and disconnected processes? Increasing service and support costs due to lack of resources, repeat visits or asset visibility? With ServiceNow’s Field Service Management, Evora can transform your field service. Learn how you can digitize, connect and automate field service processes.
Download Flyer | PDF, 295.3kB
SAP FSM for Utilities
Is SAP Field Service Management a good fit for utilities to enhance maintenance, metering and service processes? Evora’s recent SAP-blog post features insights on how utility organizations can achieve their high targets on efficiency while making life easier for everybody in the maintenance and service organization. More of the knowledge will be shared in our partner session…
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Deliver Frictionless Experiences with ServiceNow FSM
Is field service your strategic differentiator? With ServiceNow’s Field Service Management, Evora connects field service with teams inside the business as well as mobile tools to quickly respond to and prevent issues, ensuring the safety of both customers and workers. Learn how to deliver frictionless experiences!
Download Flyer | PDF, 321.1kB

Coming to Evora with an outside-in perspective is very helpful as you see that Evora is a speedboat with clearly communicated very ambitious goals within the coming years. We officially communicated that we are heading to become a „unicorn“ company in the next 10 to 15 years. Having an important and impactful role in this journey is very exciting!

Why Steffen Schlimmer? We have known each other for more than 10 years and worked closely together in the past. Due to Steffen’s experience, he gained at various engagement at SAP and outside, I am sure he will be cornerstone for our Unicorn plans.

Evora Growing – Steffen Schlimmer Extends Management
Evora IT Solutions Group assigned Steffen Schlimmer as a Managing Director in October 2022. With the growth to more than 300 employees and extending its global reach, the company requires dedication for each of the practices. So, the decision was made for an experienced manager with SAP background Steffen Schlimmer to join Evora as Managing Director of the Group. In this interview he shares his perspective on the job and his experiences in the first 120 days.
Read interview | PDF, 2,220.9kB
Benefit Maintenance Operations with SAP for Higher Education
Are your university or college campus objectives being realized? With SAP for Higher Education, Evora can help increase safety, efficiency and production; improve equipment data, change processes, tracking, inventory management, reporting and client satisfaction; enhance search and find functionality; and streamline maintenance operations.
Download Flyer | PDF, 377.6kB
SAP and Higher Education in North America
Learn about how Evora can help increase safety, efficiency and production; improve equipment data, change processes, tracking, inventory management, reporting and client satisfaction; enhance search and find functionality; and streamline maintenance operations.
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Evora has been active in the neighboring country for years, with customers from the pharmaceutical sector, utilities, chemical and industrial companies. In recent years, our business in Switzerland has grown continuously. So it made sense to establish a national subsidiary to be even closer to our customers. We look forward to continuing good relations and the exciting market in Switzerland.

Improve Safety with ServiceNow Facilities Management
Do your facility teams struggle with siloed teams, manual processes, managing assets, slow response times, and/or scheduling and dispatching techs (including third-party contractors)? With ServiceNow’s Facilities Management, Evora ensures that the facilities of the environment are in harmony with the people who occupy them. Learn how to improve safety and optimize productivity!
Download Flyer | PDF, 349.4kB
ServiceNow Facilities Management Solution
Learn about how Evora analyzes business processes to calculate cost and ROI and deliver a roadmap detailing how software improves efficiencies and visibility for overall facility operations. Innovation through software reduces manual, paper-based tracking and transforms them through automation.
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The main strength of SAP Field Service Management (FSM) is the easy onboarding of externals and the smooth and automated scheduling of service orders, while considering employee qualifications, customer requests and appointments.

SAP Intelligent Asset Management Info Day
At the IAM Day of the webinar series on SAP Digital Supply Chain solutions, our customer RWE Renewables gave a presentation on the SAP Asset Manager implementation. In addition, experts from Evora talked about how SAP Field Service Management (FSM) can be used to efficiently manage resources in the field…
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Mobile Maintenance at Evonik
Evonik is one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals. Learn how they support technicians in the field with SAP Asset Manager & EvoSuite.
Download Success Story | PDF, 376.1kB
ServiceNow Facilities Management Webinar
To learn all about addressing these challenges, what ServiceNow FSM and Facilities Management can do for you, and how Evora can support using the platform to meet the demands of your business, watch the recording of our webinar here.
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Evora Spain Foundation
Evora IT Solutions today announced the foundation of Evora IT Solutions, S.L. located in Zaragoza, Spain. The managing director of the new location is Alfonso Lacerda who was appointed with effect from October 1st, 2022. He brings to Evora IT Solutions a mix of extensive experience of 20+ years in the…
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Founding Evora Spain is a strategic move for us and will strengthen the position of Evora in the global market. Having access to the talent pool in Spanish-speaking countries will further support the ongoing growth of the Evora Group. We also have plans to invest in Spain as an additional global delivery center for software implementation projects and Application Management Services. Finally, it supports our growth ambitions in South America which are currently driven by our team in Brazil.

Evora is an extraordinary company, with innovative products, a team atmosphere, and an incredible passionate community.” He continues, “Evora can transform the way people understand not only the mobility processes but their whole service and maintenance world. And starting already with a team of three experienced consultants, we can now deliver value-added innovative solutions for customers in Spain and globally.

Siemens Healthineers WeScan Success Story
How much significant value are you missing out on? ServiceNow CSM & FSM solutions create a smooth experience by automating core processes. Learn how to transform your processes and create significant value today.
ServiceNow CSM & FSM for Siemens
Evora supported the development of a custom automated solution integrating ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) and Field Service Management (FSM). This solution allows for a completely automized process with real-time interaction of customer and third-party providers.
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We specifically partner for smart, digital dispatch of our global field force team as well as our new digital services like WeScan. We target for speed, precision, effectiveness, and a true digital experience for our customers. Evora is an important partner towards our target of a fully digital customer service experience!

The EvoSuite apps are built for the way supervisors, crew leads, technicians, planners, schedulers, and others do their day-to-day work. Giving the maintenance workforce an alternative user experience, tailored to the execution of maintenance and service processes, results in increased usability and adoption of SAP technology. With the availability on SAP Store, even more companies, especially those in the asset-intensive industries, can learn about our offering.

EvoSuite Now Available on SAP® Store
EvoSuite is now available on SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. The EvoSuite product family includes SAP Fiori® applications that are built on SAPUI5, the UI development toolkit for HTML5, to help enhance SAP technology for maintenance and service operations.
Download Press Release | PDF, 300.7kB
EvoPlan at Infraserv Höchst

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Get more with EvoSuite
Our Fiori & UI5 based suite of applications for mobile maintenance support and work planning offers sophisticated features. This is how EvoPlan enables the customers to easily assign qualified technicians to carry out large and complex projects such as construction, production, or service projects in all industries. With the “Extension…
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Evora ServiceNow Assessment
Evora’s assessment helps identify barriers that are holding your organization back from achieving the ROI you deserve. Our certified team of platform experts align with your business and walk in your stakeholders’ shoes to understand the goals critical to success.
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Identify Barriers with a ServiceNow Assessment
What barriers are holding your business back from achieving maximum ROI? Evora’s ServiceNow Assessment will identify obstacles then provide an actionable roadmap for success. Learn how to optimize operations and employee experiences!
Download Flyer | PDF, 477.5kB
Certified Integration with SAP S/4HANA and SAP NetWeaver for EvoSuite
Evora IT Solutions announced its EvoSuite version 2110 has achieved SAP®-certified integration with SAP S/4HANA® and the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform. The solution has been proven to integrate with SAP® solutions, providing enriched and streamlined maintenance and field service operations. Explore certifications details on SAP Cerfitied Solutions Directory. SAP and…
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What to do now that ClickSoftware is retiring
To learn all about migrating to ServiceNow FSM when ClickSoftware retires and how Evora can support your transition, watch the recording of our webinar.
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ServiceNow CSM at Siemens Healthineers
Evora supported the development of a custom automated solution leveraging ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM). The solution focused on creating a smooth experience by automating core customer service processes and retiring several legacy systems.
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Siemens Healthineers Success Story
How much potential growth are you missing out on? ServiceNow CSM creates a smooth experience by automating core customer service processes. Learn how to transform your processes and unlock growth opportunities.
ClickSoftware End-of-Life
What are you going to do when Click retires? ServiceNow FSM can be a smooth transition for your business. Learn how Evora can support the migration.
Digitize Maintenance Processes with EvoSuite
Quite often the implementation of SAP ERP module Plant Maintenance is only the first step in optimizing maintenance and service operations. Digitizing the end-to-end activities can significantly improve efficiency, streamline processes, and increase resource utilization. Watch the webinar recording to hear about Evora’s EvoSuite of solutions including EvoPlan, EvoNotify, EvoOrder, EvoEquipment, and more….
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Together with our great partner Evora IT Solutions, we transformed our processes on the ServiceNow platform. Another step in our journey to be ‘always on, always in touch” with our customers.

Predictive Asset Insights
Enhance your operational maintenance with data insights from SAP Predictive Asset Insights by connecting sensors to the platform and defining rules to create alerts.
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ServiceNow Custom App Dev
How intuitive is your application user experience? Custom App Dev allows powerful digital workflow apps to be built to connect people, processes, and systems in a fraction of the time. Learn about how ServiceNow Custom App Dev can help your business create an experience users will love.

The use of automation and AI-driven technologies for creating intelligent digital twins is a key enabler for global scalability, and accelerates creating the digital backbone of the company during digital transformation. Enhancing this technology with an augmented reality experience including mark-up annotations, provides a solid basis for data insights, data-driven decision making, and performance optimization. This innovation project will change the way we are working, and enables us to position ourselves among digital frontrunners within our industry.

SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management
How much time and money are you spending over-maintaining assets? SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management helps create a checklist of preventative and predictive tasks that can be implemented in your maintenance management system. Learn how to increase asset performance and reduce maintenance costs.
Asset Strategy & Performance
Increase asset performance and reduce maintenance costs with SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management, focusing on a checklist of preventative and predictive tasks that can be implemented in your maintenance management system.
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ServiceNow Retainer Teams
How much support are you receiving for your ServiceNow needs? Retainer teams are great for maintenance and support, implementation readiness, custom app development, quality assurance, and more. Learn about how ServiceNow Retainer Teams can help your business.
Asset Intelligence Network
Improve asset data quality and reliability with SAP Asset Intelligence Network. Collaborate and exchange asset information with Asset Operators, OEMs, suppliers, and service providers.
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ServiceNow CSM
How smooth is your customer service process? CSM enables businesses to streamline their customer service processes to deliver the responsive and effortless experience customers expect. Learn about how ServiceNow Customer Service Management can help your business boost productivity.
Augmented Reality for ServiceNow Field Service Management
The typical operations of Field Service Management consume enormous time and expenses. But with Evora’s expertise in Augmented Reality combined with the power of the ServiceNow platform, the traditional practices of field service are evolving.
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AR for ServiceNow FSM
How is your current customer satisfaction? The typical operations of Field Service Management consume enormous time and expenses. Learn about how Augmented Reality combined with the ServiceNow platform can help your business evolve.
SAP Mobile Roadmap
This month SAP released an updated version of SAP Asset Manager with some exciting new features. Evora has set up the release in our labs and spent some time trying out the new features. We wanted to share our impressions and thoughts of what customers can expect to find in…
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EvoSuite Webcast
The implementation of SAP Plant Maintenance is only the first step in optimizing maintenance and service operations. Digitizing the end-to-end activities can significantly improve efficiency, streamline processes, and increase resource utilization. Learn more about Evora’s EvoSuite of solutions including EvoPlan, EvoNotify, EvoOrder, EvoEquipment, EvoTime, and more. Watch the recording our our webcast supported…
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ServiceNow Premier Partner
Evora announced its advancement to a Premier Partner in the ServiceNow Partner Program today. Evora supports ServiceNow customers in accelerating their digital transformations with special expertise in scalable and robust integrations.
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Evora’s ServiceNow practice has grown exponentially in the first part of 2021. We were able to advance to a Premier Partner through the hard work of our experienced ServiceNow teams and the support of our clients. We’re excited to continue our journey with ServiceNow.

Run Your Apps Better with AMS
Resolve unforeseen incidents, proactively monitor environments, receive assistance with DevOps, service packs, and patches, and much more. Application Management Services (AMS) will keep your solutions stable and running smoothly, as well as enhance them.
Download Flyer | PDF, 384.2kB

Application Management Services from Evora provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that our experts are available whenever needed to help resolve any unforeseen incidents, proactively monitor environments, assist with DevOps, service packs & patches and more. We help you to run your system better in order to support your business.

EvoSuite – what’s new?
We developed our EvoSuite of applications to fill in the gaps of the mobile life cycle beyond the solutions offered by SAP.  Our Fiori & UI5 based applications for supervisors, managers, planners, schedulers, crew leads, and administrators deliver additional efficiency benefits by digitizing more work and simplifying repetitive tasks. The new version delivers even more features…
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2020 has been a strong year for Evora’s growing ServiceNow practice. Sooner than expected we achieved Specialist Partner status with backing from our clients and our experienced ServiceNow teams. We are now looking forward to continue this journey and achieve many more milestones in 2021.

Work Order Planing for Chemical Industry Services
Infraserv Höchst is the operator of Industriepark Hoechst, a 460-hectare industrial park near Frankfurt, Germany that plays host to around 90 companies doing business in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, basic and specialty chemicals, crop protection, food additives and services. Around 22,000 people work there. Their competencies range from utilities, waste management, grid…
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After intensive research, together with Evora we have implemented EvoPlan, a great tool for order planning. We considered three essential components in our cooperation, which played a key role in ensuring the success of the project: technological feasibility (based on SAP & UI5), economic viability (business case calculation) and last but not least the human factor (usability and acceptance by users).

Virtual Mobile Summit
For an event focused on sharing ideas with other users of mobile maintenance and customer service solutions, learning about the latest technologies as well as social networking, we were initially unsure how successful the meeting could be under the current Corona conditions. So, we took the event online and invited…
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EvoPlan 3.0 solution demo
Looking for a new way to assign and distribute work orders and notifications?  Does your current tool not get the job done?  Are you shuffling stacks of paper or spending too much time in screens like IW38?  Wish you could see what is happening in real-time? EvoPlan helps supervisors, crew…
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Intelligent Maintenance with SAP
With SAP Intelligent Asset Management, SAP delivers an end-to-end solution portfolio for the digitalization of asset management. Experts from Evora supported SAP’s webinar series, in which the IAM components and application areas were presented in detail. The series kicked-off with the topic “Modern maintenance management with SAP S/4HANA”, educating the…
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Improving Asset Reliability Online Seminar
Reliable assets significantly contribute to reducing maintenance spend, while increasing production output, and improving top line. Maintenance engineers need up-to-date information on assets including asset maintenance history, safety instructions, etc. to make informed decisions while carrying out maintenance jobs. SAP Asset Manager mobile application allows maintenance engineers and workers access to asset-related…
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Mobile maintenance and digital processes in the mining industry
Evora customer MIBRAG, a German mining corporation showcased the implemented solutions for digitalized maintenance at the industry meeting organized by the expert group “Arbeitskreis Nord” – Maintenance Days, which took place at the end of February 2020 in Bonn. Modern open-cast mines operate just-in-time. To ensure reliability of supply and…
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Supporting utility organizations
Evora delivers innovative digital maintenance and service solutions, and is a trusted partner for utilities, transportation, oil & gas, and manufacturing industries. As an international SAP system integrator with focus on mobile workforce management and user experience (UX), we understand and support the business needs of global and regional companies…
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Evora Mobile Summit III
The Evora Mobile Summit III focused on innovations in digital maintenance, user experience and mobile applications. Evora invited customers from Germany and Austria to Frankfurt in mid-November 2019. The attendees looked forward to news on industry and technology as well as customer updates on SAP Asset Manager implementations. Held at…
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Mobile Maintenance at Wien Energie
Austria’s largest energy service provider Wien Energie is a long time customer of Evora. At our Mobile Summit III event taking place in November 2019, Wien Energie presented a session on the development and implementation of their mobile reporting and order management system. Arno Sam, Head of Renewable Generation Plant…
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Vienna Airport Maintenance
Vienna Airport Technik GmbH (VAT) is the professional service provider for Flughafen Wien AG responsible for the construction, maintenance and servicing of technical infrastructure. During the Mobile Summit session the speaker, Peter Kratky, in charge of the management of the building technology at VAT, presented the processes, the associated requirements…
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EvoPlan & intuitive user interfaces
At the T.A. Cook’s SAP UX/UI 2019 conference, which focused on smart user interfaces, customising and usability optimisation in SAP, we demonstrated how to ensure user and project team satisfaction by developing intuitive user interfaces for SAP products.
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ClickSoftware Future
ClickSoftware, long time technology partner for Evora for field service and scheduling solutions became part of Salesforce. The aim is nothing less than to shape the future of service: connected & intelligent field service experiences. With the combined capabilities of Salesforce Field Service Lightning and ClickSoftware, Salesforce will lead the…
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Mobile Solutions Workshop
In 2019 Evora sponsored the first Management Circle Congress in Cologne, Germany. During the two days of the conference, over 60 attendees were able to get information about Evora’s services, solutions, knowledge and experience at our booth and in a detailed breakout session. On the second day of the conference,…
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Chesapeake Energy’s story
We met our customer from Chesapeake Energy at the 2018 SAP-Centric EAM conference where they explained their frustration and disappointment with the SAP Work Manager solution that was implemented as a part of their SAP EDGE project two years earlier. The goal of the project was to improve the efficiencies of operations…
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