Improving Asset Reliability Online Seminar

Reliable assets significantly contribute to reducing maintenance spend, while increasing production output, and improving top line. Maintenance engineers need up-to-date information on assets including asset maintenance history, safety instructions, etc. to make informed decisions while carrying out maintenance jobs. SAP Asset Manager mobile application allows maintenance engineers and workers access to asset-related information on a mobile app, so they can ensure safety compliance, execute maintenance jobs, capture asset condition data, book resource consumption and trigger follow up corrective preventive actions to improve overall asset reliability and extend the asset’s life.

Evora conducted a live online seminar together with SAP India in May 2020, topics covered in the session were:

  • Overview of Intelligent Asset Management offering by SAP
  • SAP Asset Manager Application and Use Cases
  • Demo using the Day in Life of Maintenance Engineer Story board
  • Technical Architecture and Extension Framework
  • Mobile Development Kit: Intuitive, fast & cloud ready development with mobile native features.
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Karthik Setty Managing Director