Meet the team

Everyone working at Evora represents Evora

Whether you are a founder, part of the back office team or a consultant, your daily interactions with each other, customers and others in the industry are what people will remember when they think of Evora. Everybody makes a difference. 

Meet Annette

A Senior Consultant in the German team talks about how the Evora team exemplifies great teamwork, and how we make new employees feel welcome and part of the team.

Meet Bill

Our EVP Strategic Consulting from the US team reveals what he enjoys, what he does and how he is inspired to get things done. He tells us about the open communication within Evora and how his motto – work hard, play hard – fits in.

Meet Siva

The very first employee in India and now Director shares his feelings on the company values of collaboration, commitment and trust and why he is proud to work for our company.

Meet Jan

A Senior Consultant in Germany reveals what he finds exciting about project work and how he can make an entrepreneurial contribution to Evora.

Meet Gregor

Co-founder and managing director in Germany explains, what Evora, trust and participation do all have in common.

Meet Sam

A Solution Manager and Project Lead from the US team describes how important fun, happiness and collaboration is for a working team; he also gives insights on a project with a well-known North American university.


Awesome people from all over the world are part of Evora: Europe, North & South America and Asia. Our team members work from home, at the country specific offices or at customer sites. As a remote workforce we utilize digital tools and platforms to efficiently communicate as a team. Our goal: effective transparency across the organization. The setup and benefits differ depending on the region. Find out more below or in detail in the job offerings.

Work hard, play hard

Work hard, play hard

A few times a year we try to meetup within our regions as a team. Let’s just say we have a lot of fun at events like: co-working days, summer and X-mas parties in Germany, Team outbounds, Diwali and other celebrations in India as well as the annual team event in the US. Once a year the entire company gathers for an International Co-Working Week (ICW) at one location in Germany.

The motivation, the energy and the new insights gained this week can hardly be described, but are very noticeable in the company’s success and the satisfaction of the employees.

Our Tradition

International Co-Working Week

Our ICW sets the stage for us to meet the challenges of virtual collaboration and company growth leveraging our melting pot of cultures, needs of each individual, and knowledge to create a truly exceptional team.


Find out more about how we work and have fun; meet the team and join Evora now!