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EvoSuite at a Glance

Our product family includes applications built on SAP UI5 that we have created to compliment the mobility offerings from SAP and enable our customers to optimize additional business processes. The applications can be used independently, in combination with each other or in conjunction with solutions like SAP Asset Manager & SAP Work Manager. Regardless of how you use the EvoSuite, it will help you enrich and streamline your operations.

Why EvoSuite?

Improve SAP usability and adoption

Give your maintenance workforce an alternative Fiori-based user experience to SAP, tailored to the execution of maintenance and service processes. Fully integrated with SAP, the EvoSuite apps are simple, easy to use and quick to learn.

Save Time and Improve Efficiency

Improve visibility and execution of the end-to-end maintenance and service work processes: Simplify work preparation, work assignment, access to detail information, and review of work. Increase resource utilization and reduce time for data entry.

Keep up with Technology Standards

Built on UI5, the apps can be used on any device – iOS, Android, Windows. Standard integration to SAP enables real-time updates of user interactions to your backend ECC or S/4HANA. EvoSuite apps are easy to manage, maintain, and tailor to your processes.

Certified Integration with SAP S/4HANA and SAP NetWeaver for EvoSuite

Evora IT Solutions announced its EvoSuite version 2110 has achieved SAP®-certified integration with SAP S/4HANA® and the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform. The solution has been proven to integrate with SAP® solutions, providing enriched and streamlined maintenance and field service operations. Explore certifications details on SAP Cerfitied Solutions Directory. SAP and…

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EvoResource – easy workforce management

EvoResource closes a gap in the work preparation for maintenance and service team management. With many of our customers we see that team assignment and shift planning is still often done in Excel or on a whiteboard. We aim to eliminate inconsistencies in data due to lack of planning information in your SAP system with EvoResource. It allows assigning employees to teams, where assignments can be made daily, weekly, monthly, or by specific rules. In addition, existing shifts can also be applied to corresponding employees to answer the question “When does who work what shift?”. Digitizing team management and shift scheduling with integration into a resource scheduling solution like EvoPlan brings you one step closer to a holistic end-to-end process.


EvoPrep – better planning with workload simulation

An easy way to handle resources and support decisions is provided by EvoPrep. This new application within the EvoSuite family focus on work preparation covering preplanning and workload simulation. Operations teams face the challenge of vast amount of work orders coming from different sources, which needs to be assigned to the technicians for execution. Some are planned maintenance tasks, where the time frame for completion is quite flexible, and there is also urgent repair work to consider. EvoPrep helps to keep control over the different tasks, prioritize them and make the best possible use of available capacities based on data coming from the SAP PM system.



EvoAsset – asset focused planning view

EvoAsset is a new application in the EvoSuite product family that provides an asset-based focus for the planning and scheduling of maintenance work. The application provides a comprehensive navigable view of equipment and location technical hierarchies in conjunction with associated required work which enables the user to easily manage the planning and execution of orders and operations. The Gantt view displays detailed information and capabilities to support work preparation, work assignment, monitoring of ongoing activities, rescheduling and other actions that simplify the processes of work administration from an asset perspective. With EvoPlan and EvoAsset the planning of maintenance work for asset intensive industries has never been easier!


EvoPlan – simply good planning in SAP

When it comes to manual scheduling, speed, overview and ease of use are of highest importance. That is, what EvoPlan is all about! This fully SAP integrated solution allows your planners to quickly assign work to mobile or paper-based technicians. At the same time it tracks work status, keeping you in touch with the situation in the field. With its intuitive user interface and wide-range of customizable options, you can accelerate your planning while keeping your existing planning processes.

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EvoNotify – anywhere and on any device

Anyone within your organization should be able to contribute to the success of the maintenance process by raising an issue. However, commonly this does not happen because employees do not have an easy way report a problem when they see it. Too often the maintenance department is notified via email or phone call with only general information – the important details like the exact location or broken equipment is missing. EvoNotify gives anyone in your company the ability to create new notifications regardless of where they are and what device they are using. This scanning-enabled Fiori application makes it easy for users to enter all required and relevant notification details including the problem description, location, equipment, cause codes, tasks, activities, pictures or other documents. Users can also view the status and progress of notifications they created, eliminating disruptive inquiries to the maintenance department.

Work Orders

EvoOrder – all maintenance work orders in one easy view

With hundreds or even thousands work orders per day, it is hard for maintenance experts to find relevant information. EvoOrder makes sure that you are mastering this challenge! This solution gives users a complete overview of their work orders. Built-in search capabilities make it easy to find and display all work orders based on user entered criteria or predefined filters. This way critical work orders are not lost in the noise of information. Finding specific information can also be speeded up by leveraging integrated barcode or QR Code scanning functionalities. In addition, EvoOrder offers capabilities to perform mass-updates, direct changes in the work order list and to confirm work orders.


Technical Objects

Search capabilities and historical data

Finding relevant information on technical objects from SAP is not easy. And sometimes, you need to find what you are looking for fast. EvoEquipment and EvoLocation do exactly that for you! The apps provide users a detailed view of SAP technical objects like equipment or functional locations in your organization. Search capabilities and filters make it easy to get exactly the information you need. If users need certain information more often, filters can be saved. Also barcode and QR Code scanning functionalities come in handy if users are searching for a specific equipment or location. Details like hierarchy, partner information, classification, associated documents, like manuals and diagrams, are displayed in the easy-to-use equipment details view. EvoEquipment and EvoLocation can be linked to EvoOrder and EvoNotify. This way it is easy to look up historic and current information in related work orders and notifications.

time entries

EvoTime – fast and efficient time approvals

Recording time entries is an important step of managing the costs of any maintenance business, thus many organizations choose to have supervisors review and approve the time entries of their maintenance technicians. However, this task can be very time consuming – especially in larger organizations. EvoTime provides supervisors a structured overview of the relevant time entries making it is easy to review and approve in one step.  Fields such as work order number, operation, newly booked time, previously booked time, booking date and time, functional location and others are readily available. If additional information is needed, a quick tap to view the detail screen of the time booking will give the approvers all they need. EvoTime provides supervisors a structured overview of the relevant time entries making it easy to review, approve and add a final confirmation in one step.

Aquarion Water Company (AWC)
Metropolitan Utilities District – MUD
Fortescue Metals Group Ltd (FMGL)
Infraserv Hoechst
Wiener Lokalbahnen
Wien Energie
Ingolstädter Kommunalbetriebe AöR
Tadano Faun
Contractor Cockpit
Maintenance is often outsourced. Evora helps overcome the challenges of working with different companies, changing technicians, time consuming onboarding and incomplete documentation. Evora’s new Contractor Cockpit solution aims for an easy integration of external technicians into digital maintenance process. We are proud to announce that Contractor Cockpit solution is now…
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SAP Services and Solutions
Why should you work with Evora? We “eat, sleep and breath” SAP. We build on our experience and an expert team of consultants including best-in-class designers and development architects. The wisdom and knowledge of Evora employees in implementing complex workforce management solutions is what sets us apart. Let’s talk about your requirements!
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Eco-efficiency in maintenance
In the past, cost reduction and efficiency improvement were the driving forces in the field of maintenance, customer service, and asset management. However, a new perspective has emerged recently: ecological #sustainability. The increasing relevance of sustainable practices in the industry, as well as legislation such as the EU Green Deal,…
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Eco-efficiency as a “driving force” for maintenance & IT: In future, the EU Taxonomy Regulation will give this topic a similar legal relevance in asset-intensive companies as work safety does today. Maintenance and asset management have a direct impact on the optimisation of eco-efficiency.

Evora has a practical proposal for all SAP users who are addressing the subject of eco-efficiency. The matrix of Evora’s solution offerings and areas of action results in 140 objects of consideration and thus opportunities for improving eco-efficiency in companies. We guide you through the process, from the rough analysis, business case assessment and profitability calculation to the project contract, taking into account the importance and leverage effect for your company or the system in question.

Customer Success Summit 2024
We kicked off 2024 with a Customer Success Summit! Together with our customers, the Evora-team met once again: More than 30 representatives from the manufacturing industry, chemical industry, utilities and public institutions from the DACH region came together in Frankfurt to exchange ideas and learn about the latest solutions and…
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SAP Analytics Cloud
When managing maintenance processes with SAP, a lot of data is collected – about the orders, operations, time bookings, components, technicians as well as costs. We at Evora IT Solutions can shorten the road to the intelligent maintenance objective! With EvoSuite, a huge amount of information from the SAP EAM system is available for evaluation. Leveraging AI capabilities from SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), a wide range of reports is available out-of-the-box. Get started with your maintenance performance overview project!
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Coming to Evora with an outside-in perspective is very helpful as you see that Evora is a speedboat with clearly communicated very ambitious goals within the coming years. We officially communicated that we are heading to become a „unicorn“ company in the next 10 to 15 years. Having an important and impactful role in this journey is very exciting!

Why Steffen Schlimmer? We have known each other for more than 10 years and worked closely together in the past. Due to Steffen’s experience, he gained at various engagement at SAP and outside, I am sure he will be cornerstone for our Unicorn plans.

Evora Growing – Steffen Schlimmer Extends Management
Evora IT Solutions Group assigned Steffen Schlimmer as a Managing Director in October 2022. With the growth to more than 300 employees and extending its global reach, the company requires dedication for each of the practices. So, the decision was made for an experienced manager with SAP background Steffen Schlimmer to join Evora as Managing Director of the Group. In this interview he shares his perspective on the job and his experiences in the first 120 days.
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Benefit Maintenance Operations with SAP for Higher Education
Are your university or college campus objectives being realized? With SAP for Higher Education, Evora can help increase safety, efficiency and production; improve equipment data, change processes, tracking, inventory management, reporting and client satisfaction; enhance search and find functionality; and streamline maintenance operations.
Download Flyer | PDF, 377.6kB
SAP and Higher Education in North America
Learn about how Evora can help increase safety, efficiency and production; improve equipment data, change processes, tracking, inventory management, reporting and client satisfaction; enhance search and find functionality; and streamline maintenance operations.
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Evora has been active in the neighboring country for years, with customers from the pharmaceutical sector, utilities, chemical and industrial companies. In recent years, our business in Switzerland has grown continuously. So it made sense to establish a national subsidiary to be even closer to our customers. We look forward to continuing good relations and the exciting market in Switzerland.

Mobile Maintenance at Evonik
Evonik is one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals. Learn how they support technicians in the field with SAP Asset Manager & EvoSuite.
Download Success Story | PDF, 376.1kB

Accompanying the introduction of the mobile maintenance solution where we decided for SAP Asset Manager, we also started a digitalization project for resource planning. With EvoPlan, we chose a solution that supports the maintenance operations with easy and intelligent work and resource planning and seamlessly integrates the dispatching of work orders to mobile technicians. After the successful pilot in selected plants in Germany, the solution has now been rolled out to other facilities, plants, and locations across the globe. At the same time, we work together with Evora to identify best practices in our process variants and implement these within the solution where applicable.

Evora Spain Foundation
Evora IT Solutions today announced the foundation of Evora IT Solutions, S.L. located in Zaragoza, Spain. The managing director of the new location is Alfonso Lacerda who was appointed with effect from October 1st, 2022. He brings to Evora IT Solutions a mix of extensive experience of 20+ years in the…
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The EvoSuite apps are built for the way supervisors, crew leads, technicians, planners, schedulers, and others do their day-to-day work. Giving the maintenance workforce an alternative user experience, tailored to the execution of maintenance and service processes, results in increased usability and adoption of SAP technology. With the availability on SAP Store, even more companies, especially those in the asset-intensive industries, can learn about our offering.

EvoSuite Now Available on SAP® Store
EvoSuite is now available on SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. The EvoSuite product family includes SAP Fiori® applications that are built on SAPUI5, the UI development toolkit for HTML5, to help enhance SAP technology for maintenance and service operations.
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EvoPlan at Infraserv Höchst

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Digital Maintenance at Netze Duisburg
Learn how Netze Duisburg supports their technicians are on the road with tablets, so they have all the data needed for maintenance operations.
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DFS Digital Maintenance
The joint journey of DFS and Evora started with enhancing the mobile solutions used in technical facility management. Digital and mobile solutions are now widely used in all areas of business and are revolutionizing the maintenance of technical assets at DFS. The recent initiative comprises solutions for the digital maintenance of air traffic control systems throughout their entire lifecycle.
Download Customer Story | PDF, 328.3kB
Get more with EvoSuite
Our Fiori & UI5 based suite of applications for mobile maintenance support and work planning offers sophisticated features. This is how EvoPlan enables the customers to easily assign qualified technicians to carry out large and complex projects such as construction, production, or service projects in all industries. With the “Extension…
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Certified Integration with SAP S/4HANA and SAP NetWeaver for EvoSuite
Evora IT Solutions announced its EvoSuite version 2110 has achieved SAP®-certified integration with SAP S/4HANA® and the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform. The solution has been proven to integrate with SAP® solutions, providing enriched and streamlined maintenance and field service operations. Explore certifications details on SAP Cerfitied Solutions Directory. SAP and…
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We are delighted to announce that EvoSuite has achieved SAP-certified integration with both SAP S/4HANA and the SAP NetWeaver platform, enabling flexibility and future readiness of our customers’ solution architectures. Whether customers want to modernize their entire maintenance process or are looking to improve the efficiency of key areas, EvoSuite gives them the capabilities to make it happen. The proven ability of EvoSuite to interoperate with SAP S/4HANA and SAP NetWeaver once again proves our dedication to quality and to SAP standards.

Enable remote assist – a third hand and a 2nd pair of eyes to service technicians and provice access to asset Information like history, annotations/ mark-ups from a digital twin, or sensor data with EvoAR add-on to SAP Asset Manager.
Download Flyer | PDF, 416.4kB
EvoAR for SAP Asset Manager
Evora developed an add-on which visualizes the asset structure from the SAP ERP and enables interaction using mobile devices or smart glasses like HoloLens 2. It brings AR to iOS or Android clients embedded in SAP Asset Manager (SAM). A digital twin is created utilizing context metadata (as determined via…
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Digitize Maintenance Processes with EvoSuite
Quite often the implementation of SAP ERP module Plant Maintenance is only the first step in optimizing maintenance and service operations. Digitizing the end-to-end activities can significantly improve efficiency, streamline processes, and increase resource utilization. Watch the webinar recording to hear about Evora’s EvoSuite of solutions including EvoPlan, EvoNotify, EvoOrder, EvoEquipment, and more….
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EvoSuite Webcast
The implementation of SAP Plant Maintenance is only the first step in optimizing maintenance and service operations. Digitizing the end-to-end activities can significantly improve efficiency, streamline processes, and increase resource utilization. Learn more about Evora’s EvoSuite of solutions including EvoPlan, EvoNotify, EvoOrder, EvoEquipment, EvoTime, and more. Watch the recording our our webcast supported…
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Run Your Apps Better with AMS
Resolve unforeseen incidents, proactively monitor environments, receive assistance with DevOps, service packs, and patches, and much more. Application Management Services (AMS) will keep your solutions stable and running smoothly, as well as enhance them.
Download Flyer | PDF, 384.2kB
Asset Management with S/4HANA provides companies with ideal prerequisites for making in-house maintenance mobile, connected & smart. The use of UI5 and Fiori launchpad in particular makes it possible to involve new user groups. Technicians no longer have to fill out paper forms, can see open work orders in real…
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Application Management Services from Evora provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that our experts are available whenever needed to help resolve any unforeseen incidents, proactively monitor environments, assist with DevOps, service packs & patches and more. We help you to run your system better in order to support your business.

EvoSuite – what’s new?
We developed our EvoSuite of applications to fill in the gaps of the mobile life cycle beyond the solutions offered by SAP.  Our Fiori & UI5 based applications for supervisors, managers, planners, schedulers, crew leads, and administrators deliver additional efficiency benefits by digitizing more work and simplifying repetitive tasks. The new version delivers even more features…
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Work Order Planing for Chemical Industry Services
Infraserv Höchst is the operator of Industriepark Hoechst, a 460-hectare industrial park near Frankfurt, Germany that plays host to around 90 companies doing business in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, basic and specialty chemicals, crop protection, food additives and services. Around 22,000 people work there. Their competencies range from utilities, waste management, grid…
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After intensive research, together with Evora we have implemented EvoPlan, a great tool for order planning. We considered three essential components in our cooperation, which played a key role in ensuring the success of the project: technological feasibility (based on SAP & UI5), economic viability (business case calculation) and last but not least the human factor (usability and acceptance by users).

Virtual Mobile Summit
For an event focused on sharing ideas with other users of mobile maintenance and customer service solutions, learning about the latest technologies as well as social networking, we were initially unsure how successful the meeting could be under the current Corona conditions. So, we took the event online and invited…
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EvoPlan 3.0 solution demo
Looking for a new way to assign and distribute work orders and notifications?  Does your current tool not get the job done?  Are you shuffling stacks of paper or spending too much time in screens like IW38?  Wish you could see what is happening in real-time? EvoPlan helps supervisors, crew…
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Digital customer service at Siemens Healthineers
Evora develops solutions for optimized staff scheduling and mobile service support (e.g. checklists) and ensures smooth operation and seamless integration with SAP, ServiceNow, Click (by Salesforce) and other systems. Together with our customer we shape the future of the health care system, currently already in 9 countries with almost 10,000…
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Evora Mobile Summit III
The Evora Mobile Summit III focused on innovations in digital maintenance, user experience and mobile applications. Evora invited customers from Germany and Austria to Frankfurt in mid-November 2019. The attendees looked forward to news on industry and technology as well as customer updates on SAP Asset Manager implementations. Held at…
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SAP IAM Presentation
For Evora, the user forum “Use of mobile solutions in maintenance & service” in Düsseldorf taking place from 14 to 15 of November, 2019, was was a great success. With a technology presentation, several use case scenario presentations from our customers and concrete project plans, the Evora team returned home…
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Vienna Airport Maintenance
Vienna Airport Technik GmbH (VAT) is the professional service provider for Flughafen Wien AG responsible for the construction, maintenance and servicing of technical infrastructure. During the Mobile Summit session the speaker, Peter Kratky, in charge of the management of the building technology at VAT, presented the processes, the associated requirements…
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EvoPlan & intuitive user interfaces
At the T.A. Cook’s SAP UX/UI 2019 conference, which focused on smart user interfaces, customising and usability optimisation in SAP, we demonstrated how to ensure user and project team satisfaction by developing intuitive user interfaces for SAP products.
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Enhanced User Acceptance – Workshop
Wondering how to increase the user acceptance of your SAP applications? Evora conducted a workshop titled “Enhanced user acceptance: Plan, implement and benefit from the latest SAP UX technologies” during the SAP UX/UI 2019 Conference by T.A. Cook which took place in November 2019 in Berlin. An increasingly important factor…
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Experience SAP Asset Manager, enriched by Evora
The session gave an outlook at the brand new SAP offering for mobile maintenance and service and how Evora delivers projects. Speak to us about your requirements or request the slides.
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Digitalized Plant Maintenance at Roche Diagnostics

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Company-wide mobile platform at Bayer
Insights on setup and operation of the company-wide mobile platform in a global environment.
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Based on our experience we can deliver different Add-ons for S/4 Hana and ECC providing additional functionality to improve management of the mobile work execution process. Also packaged common modifications we have made for our customers can be easily adopted to your needs.

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