Digital Maintenance at Netze Duisburg

Life without energy supply is hard to imagine. And yet energy is not a self-evident fact, but rather an ongoing topic. Because of the finite nature of resources, because of climate change – and on top of that because of the war in Ukraine. But the power must flow – or as Bernd Keller (SAP) puts it, “It’s about making sure the lights don’t go out.”

SAP Innovation Roundtable

That energy supply is not just a question of back to nuclear power and/or coal was revealed by the virtual SAP roundtable on “Maintenance Managements” with representatives from Evora and Allgeier IT. After a short intro by Jan-Erik Bätz (Evora), the industry expert Keller emphasized that the networks require good monitoring and predictive maintenance because of the decentralised inflow from renewables. And this is where digitalization helps, for example with the use of sensors, machine learning, digital twins or mobile apps in the grid maintenance. In addition, cost reductions of 8 to 10 percent are possible.


Digital Prozesses

Thomas Fischer from Netze Duisburg showed how this works in practice. The company ensures the flow of electricity, gas, water and district heating in the region. To do this, the technicians are on the road equipped with tablets, which they use for inspection and maintenance operations. They can also assign themselves further jobs at any time. The departure into the digital age is enjoying “high acceptance.” “The engineers are happy,” says Fischer, “that they can now act more independently, and that the paperwork is a thing of the past.” Such feedback is of course motivating. Netze Duisburg intends to continue along the same path. For example, the technicians will be given the opportunity to get digital help on the road via stored tutorials.

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