Eco-efficiency in maintenance

In the past, cost reduction and efficiency improvement were the driving forces in the field of maintenance, customer service, and asset management. However, a new perspective has emerged recently: ecological #sustainability. The increasing relevance of sustainable practices in the industry, as well as legislation such as the EU Green Deal, require companies to assess the sustainability of their business activities. This is where operational maintenance and field service come into play, as both have the potential to become the driving force in achieving eco-efficiency goals.

Eco-efficiency as a “driving force” for maintenance & IT: In future, the EU Taxonomy Regulation will give this topic a similar legal relevance in asset-intensive companies as work safety does today. Maintenance and asset management have a direct impact on the optimisation of eco-efficiency.

Evora has a practical proposal for all SAP users who are addressing the subject of eco-efficiency. The matrix of Evora’s solution offerings and areas of action results in 140 objects of consideration and thus opportunities for improving eco-efficiency in companies. We guide you through the process, from the rough analysis, business case assessment and profitability calculation to the project contract, taking into account the importance and leverage effect for your company or the system in question.

Together with the experts from dankl+partner consulting gmbh / MCP Deutschland GmbH, Evora IT Solutions has developed a practical model for SAP users, in which the key areas of operation are analyzed step by step and the possible solutions are defined:
❗️ Taking into account the importance and leverage for the company or the facility
🗓️ From planning / process optimization to mobile support, cross-departmental collaboration, and reporting
⚙️ Up to innovation topics such as augmented reality navigation/checklists, predictive maintenance, sensor integration, and more.

The attendees of Evora’s Customer Success Summit had the exclusive opportunity to receive an introduction to the topic by Dr. Andreas Dankl and to get to know the concept presented by Uwe Ofner, Managing Director of Evora Austria. Initial follow-up discussions are already being planned. Are you interested? Get in touch!