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Key Objectives of Universities & Colleges
Key Objectives of Universities & Colleges

  • Create and maintain a single source-of-truth data repository for all physical assets that facilities are responsible for maintaining on the main and satellite campuses.
  • Streamline maintenance operations in campus facilities, university hospital buildings, stadium events and client services by simplifying request submission and automating work generation.
  • Increase communication and provide simple tools for visibility to the status of requests.
  • Mobilize the Facilities Management workforce, moving from paper to mobile tablets, enabling technicians to report real-time status updates and work completion details, with the ability to work offline when required.
  • Enable supervisors/leads to manage bulk/individual assignments considering availability, capacity, schedule and skill of resources.
  • Provide visibility into the status of work being performed in the field.
  • Empower all levels of management in the facilities team with relevant data and performance management, using dashboards, monitoring and reporting tools.
  • Incorporate inventory planning, tracking and usage for materials, spare parts and supplies into execution processes.

Benefits Realized & Achieved

By capturing new data during work execution, matrix for mean time to repair and mean time to failure reporting & analysis is now possible.

Increased technician wrench time with better scheduling in EvoPlan and reduced shop time by eliminating paperwork with SAP Asset Manager mobile application.

Digitized the maintenance process by migrating data from older, paper-based systems to the new SAP S4/HANA system.

Generate and perform daily, monthly, quarterly inspection checklists via mobile.

Provides real-time status updates and work order completion details to technicians, leads, supervisors, directors and customers.

Integration of community portals for work requests and problem reporting to SAP resulted in better visibility of work required, improved response times and increased customer satisfaction because progress could be monitored by the requester.

Improved tracking and inventory management by deploying barcode/QR code scanning and asset tagging for equipment, tools, instruments and spare parts and enabling readily available reporting for all levels of management for asset visibility.

Building structure utilized to search locations and equipment in EvoOrder, EvoNotify and SAP Mobile. Users can select the building, floor and room to identify the SAP functional location or equipment number.

Benefits of Mobile (SAP Asset Manager or Work Manager)

  • Create clarity in Asset Manager by providing visibility to the technician of all operations on an order, highlighting ones assigned with a prominent icon, and only allowing the operations assigned to the technician to be worked.
  • Increase data quality by allowing Work Manager users to capture equipment locations on campus, update location and equipment attributes and implement an equipment change process.
  • Simplify time entry and reporting by allowing users to track their hours on an iPad, so they don’t have to login to SAP GUI.
  • Adapted mobile screens for time capture to existing processes by adding a ‘Time Summary’ screen which allows users to edit time records for a given day, with subtotaling and field defaults as well as implementing crew functionality to allow a user to capture time for all crew members.
  • Increase productivity by enabling field users to view and self-assign work anytime.
  • Increase safety by creating awareness of PPE requirements for technicians and providing asbestos data and environmental risk information on their mobile devices.
  • Implement long text attributes for customer and internal comments with change detection. Internal comments can be updated any time and the full history is stored in ECC (date & timestamped).
  • Proper collection and storage of measurement data for review and trend analysis by moving away from freeform entry.
  • Ability to update cause, damage, object/part notification catalog codes directly in Work Manager with default catalog profiles based on the functional location/equipment of the related order.

Benefits of EvoSuite (EvoPlan, EvoOrder, EvoNotify, EvoEquipment)

  • Better planning, resource utilization and assignment of work across trades and shops. EvoPlan replaces the start-of-day meetings where work was handed out and allows assigning new work throughout the day.
  • Improved next-day scheduling with EvoPlan by providing visibility to leads, directors and supervisors, of work performed overnight and during off-shift, resulting in improved customer service as well as reduced response times and follow-up.
  • Office users are more productive with EvoSuite as their primary interface to SAP and much happier that they no longer must use SAP GUI screens.
  • Real-time visibility of work performed throughout the day with EvoOrder and EvoPlan. Especially useful are the departmental and individual variants for views and filters created by the users.
  • Key non-maintenance personnel now have secure access to SAP Equipment information via their mobile device with EvoEquipment.

Mobile creates awareness of environmental risks, increasing safety

Using mobile for time entry, reporting and payroll increases efficiency and production

Mobile improves equipment data and change processes

Overall improves tracking, inventory management and reporting

SAP Mobile, EvoOrder and EvoNotify enhances search and find functionality

Easy-to-update status requests streamlines maintenance operations and improves client satisfaction

Technologies & Solutions Implemented
  • SAP Service & Asset Manager
  • SAP Work Manager
  • SAP Inventory Manager
  • EvoSuite – EvoPlan, EvoOrder, EvoNotify, EvoEquipment
  • SAP Plant Maintenance
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