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Evora IT Solutions today announced the foundation of Evora IT Solutions, S.L. located in Zaragoza, Spain. The managing director of the new location is Alfonso Lacerda who was appointed with effect from October 1st, 2022. He brings to Evora IT Solutions a mix of extensive experience of 20+ years in the SAP consulting industry, business process improvement, and entrepreneurship. He has worked for leading technology multinationals, including Dell Services, and run his own consulting company.

After founding Evora Austria in 2019, Germany-based Evora Group now expands to another European country. Not only is Spain a very attractive new revenue market for Evora, but the expansion also carries the potential to expand towards South America. With the global team of 250+ employees from Germany, Austria, USA, Canada, Brazil and India, Evora is executing challenging software projects at both national and international level digitizing maintenance and service processes. 

Founding Evora Spain is a strategic move for us and will strengthen the position of Evora in the global market. Having access to the talent pool in Spanish-speaking countries will further support the ongoing growth of the Evora Group. We also have plans to invest in Spain as an additional global delivery center for software implementation projects and Application Management Services. Finally, it supports our growth ambitions in South America which are currently driven by our team in Brazil.

Evora is an extraordinary company, with innovative products, a team atmosphere, and an incredible passionate community.” He continues, “Evora can transform the way people understand not only the mobility processes but their whole service and maintenance world. And starting already with a team of three experienced consultants, we can now deliver value-added innovative solutions for customers in Spain and globally.

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