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For an event focused on sharing ideas with other users of mobile maintenance and customer service solutions, learning about the latest technologies as well as social networking, we were initially unsure how successful the meeting could be under the current Corona conditions. So, we took the event online and invited our German-speaking customers to a Virtual Mobile Summit that took place at the beginning of November 2020. Many of our customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland accepted the invitation, we were pleased that attendance was nearly twice as high as at the last on-site event in Frankfurt during November 2019. It was a good mix of returning guests and newcomers across all industries: Energy suppliers, chemical companies, medical technology providers, manufacturing organizations, airport operators, and infrastructure service providers. The day started with a joint breakfast, Evora provided a well-filled breakfast box to the location of those interested. Over coffee, juice & muesli, the positive sides of the Corona situation were discussed. Of course, the exchange could not take place to the same extent as in a personal meeting, but nevertheless all participants made the best of it.

The official meeting started with a welcome by Evora management that was followed by a short introduction on the current state of maturity in maintenance. Study results were presented which show that the majority of maintenance organizations still act reactively and without sufficient basis of data. Another showed that about 40% of the companies surveyed are already moving towards proactive maintenance with mobile applications, optimized resource planning and the digitalization of their processes which create added value for their companies. This is where Evora specializes: we provide our customers with solutions and services that enable them to reduce costs and improve quality. So far, only 10% of the companies surveyed are realizing a further boost to added value by establishing predictive maintenance. With modern technologies such as the use of IoT sensor data, augmented reality, calculated maintenance intervals and the exchange of plant data, customers are managing to stand out from the global competition.

Soltions & Services by Evora

In the first of five technical presentations, Evora presented the ability to modernize maintenance operations with the help of EvoSuite. The live demo provided an insight into how we implement digital maintenance processes in a lean and simple way using modern UI5 tools. Starting from a customizable dashboard, notifications were created, equipment information and requirements viewed, and orders created.

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The next topic was job planning, it started with a customer presentation from Infraserv Höchst which included an overview of the implementation of EvoPlan at the operator of Industriepark Höchst and their practical experience in day-to-day planning. “After intensive research, we implemented a great tool together with Evora,” said Francesco Puglisi, Project Manager for Planning & Dispatching at Infraserv Höchst. “During the collaboration, we paid attention to three key components that were crucial to the success of the project: technological feasibility (based on SAP & UI5), economic viability (business case calculation) and, last but not least, the human factor (usability and acceptance by users).” The functions of EvoPlan were explained in detail during a live demo and the following Q&A session.

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After a break, during which some participants continued their discussions, the latest news on SAP Asset Manager and updates on the numerous projects delivered by Evora in Europe and the North America were shared. Among them was the implementation project at SMA Solar Technology which was discussed in detail at the virtual conference of German SAP User Group (DSAG). Details of the features and look & feel of SAP Asset Manager was provided with a live demo including notification creation, checklist processing and work completion process.


The next session focused on the future of maintenance. It was quite a challenge to cover the complex topic of “Intelligent Asset Management at your fingertips” in the short time available. After a short introduction to the terminology, the functions were shown in a short demo covering  central storage (Asset Central), exchange of asset data with suppliers (Asset Intelligence Network – AIN), risk assessment and impact on maintenance planning (Asset Strategy and Performance Management – ASPM) and finally automated rule generation based on IoT sensor data (Predictive Maintenance and Service – PdMS).

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As a highlight at the end the audience experienced an augmented reality use case where the great possibilities of intelligent maintenance in the future literally became “visible”. For one of our customers in the oil & gas production industry, the future is already here. Details of the project were presented by Evora Austria team, showing how Microsoft HoloLens glasses are used in combination with SAP Asset Manager. “For the technician, it means that he gets a ‘third hand’, since, for example, the documentation in the hands-free scenario is created automatically,” explained Uwe Ofner, managing director of Evora Austria, who is responsible for the project. “And I can have a second set of eyes available, because it’s easy to request support remotely. The experts can thus be efficiently deployed centrally, and seeing an object also improves the quality of the work instructions.”

With lots of questions and in-depth discussions, the almost 3 hours came quickly to an end. The positive participant feedback shows that Evora has done a great job with the format and that we will certainly repeat this in the future. Thanks to all attendees and involved parties!

“Good overview with interesting topics, focus on SAP, good moderation with tangible examples.”

“Very relaxed and dynamic event! As always, time was taken for questions and answered.”
“Very entertaining, very interesting topics, even though some is probably still in the future for many.”
“Very exciting topics and speakers. Very good time keeping.”
“Good moderation, super presentations, the best virtual congress so far.”
“The presentation from Infraserv Hoechst from the practical point of view was very clear and helpful.”
“Seeing the presentation of EvoSuite in practical application was quite enlightening for me.”
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