Miba – SAP Field Service Management

Miba develops and produces function-critical components for applications along the entire energy value chain. At 20 production sites worldwide, over 7,000 employees manufacture components for vehicles, ships, aircraft, construction and agricultural machinery, wind turbines or power grids.

For internal maintenance, a solution was needed to cover all process steps: from more efficient planning for team leaders with the planning board, over efficient work with data recording directly at the activity, to efficient completion of the order in one system.

Why SAP Field Service Management?

With Evora as a partner, SAP FSM was implemented, which impressed with end-to-end data synchronization, complete history of maintenance for the machine fleet, support for decentralized warehouses and independence for the various Miba sites. The expected benefits: Information flow is always up to date, cost efficiency through more precise planning, and no more media breaks, as orders are no longer printed. The following are the requirements by Miba which made them choose SAP FSM:

Dispatching board: team leader can plan more efficiently

History of maintenance/ malfunction of the machine

Data recording directly during the activity

More efficient working in the field using mobile app

Information flow is always up to date

Independence between different locations

Decentralized ware-houses can be operated with the app

Maintenance orders no longer have to be printed out

Cost efficiency through more precise planning

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