ServiceNow Facilities Management Webinar

Common Customer Challenges

Request Management

Poor communication channels make it challenging to report issues along with difficulties to create, manage and track requests causing increased downtime and costs.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Lack of visibility into technician availability, inability to match technician skills to tasks, and poor inventory management create frustration for dispatchers leading to incomplete workorders and reduced first time fix rates.

Workorder Management

Paper and manual processes increase technician administrative time reducing their daily productivity up to as much as 33%

Asset Management

Paper and manual processes reduce visibility into past maintenance and repairs decreasing the ability to properly manage assets leading to increased asset costs.

Inventory Management

Parts availability is a major component in the ability to efficiently schedule, and replenishing inventory is no longer a manual task.

Reporting & KPI Management

Lack of data collection makes it hard to report on KPIs, identify trends, and meet compliance benchmarks during audits.

3rd Party Contractor Management

Little to no integrations with 3rd parties make it difficult to give contractors direct access to view task details, assign work, and track their progress in addition to holding them accountable to SLAs.

Planned Maintenance

Inability to build maintenance plans and schedules into other service visits, increases truck roll costs.

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To learn all about addressing these challenges, what ServiceNow FSM and Facilities Management can do for you, and how Evora can support using the platform to meet the demands of your business, watch the recording of our webinar here.

What you’ll see:

  • Common facilities challenges and how ServiceNow can help
  • Demo by ServiceNow
  • Implementation best practices

Then, take a few minutes to tell us about your experience with the webinar as well as with facilities management in the short survey linked here.

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