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We are experts in ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM), Field Service Management (FSM), Application Development, Mobile & Augmented Reality. With over 800 projects completed worldwide, Our customers use innovative ServiceNow, SAP and Click by Salesforce solutions for enabling end-to-end processes.

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Customer Satisfaction

We believe technology is at the core of every business and ServiceNow is the workflow platform you need to provide exceptional services and solutions that meet the demands of your business and your customers.

Our passion is in exceeding our client’s expectations by delivering solutions that overcome business challenges, foster innovation and create modern user experiences that accelerate digital transformations.



Solutions you need, services you love

Digital workflows optimize how things get done for any business – for customers, partners and employees. Together with you we discover ways to work better and continuously improve user experiences, enhance your configuration and identify under-utilised features with tools and best practices.

Customer Service Management (CSM)

Improve service operations and engage customers with digital workflows. Solve customer problems by bringing front, middle, and back offices together.

Field Service Management (FSM)

Connect field service with other teams and mobile tools to quickly respond to and prevent issues. Ensure the safety of both customers and workers.

Custom Application Development (APP DEV)

Build low-code apps quickly, with more creators and less complexity. Safely scale cross-enterprise experiences that users love.


Deliver resilient services that increase productivity and create amazing experiences wherever your employees work, with the most innovative ITSM solution.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Create greater value from your initiatives and enable change faster across the enterprise. Plan, prioritize, and track work aligned to business objectives.

Human Resources (HRSD)

Improve productivity by streamlining the employee service experience with intelligent workflows.

Augmented Reality for Field Service Operations

Customer satisfaction is crucial for organizations across all industries and for companies that offer after-sales services, delivering amazing customer service is one of the best ways to achieve it. The typical operations of field service management consume enormous time and expenses. But with Evora’s expertise in Augmented Reality (AR) combined with the power of the ServiceNow platform, the traditional practices of field service are changing. Learn more here.


Improve Service Operations

Enable remote diagnosis and repair while minimizing travel costs.

Resolution at Lightspeed

Enable teams to view real time equipment data for servicing and expert support.

Training & Troubleshooting

Deliver a proficient workforce to diagnose, get help and resolve issues in less time.

ServiceNow at Siemens

Reimagines Customer Engagement

Evora helped Siemens Healthineers make the world of work, work better for its teams by realizing efficiency gains and unlocking potential for future business growth. By combining Evora’s extensive process expertise with workflow solutions from ServiceNow, Siemens was able to significantly increase the process efficiency and customer satisfaction at the same time. Learn more here and here.

Evora is pioneering the field:
200K Connected healthcare devices installed worldwide
120K Service activities managed each month
1200+ Users providing remote service support
Evora is here to help What is your challenge?

Strategic Consulting

Evora’s ServiceNow certified experts are here to help support your understanding of the solution capabilities, development of a roadmap, selection of the right technical components and planning for the implementation. We are here to discuss your business needs and help improve your processes.

Implementations & Integrations

Dream Big! With ServiceNow we help take your challenges, processes and vision and turn them into an actionable solution. Evora’s certified ServiceNow consultants collaborate with your business and end users to deliver a ServiceNow environment that creates exceptional outcomes, user experiences and is scalable with your growing business.

Assessments & Roadmaps

Evora offers Assessments and Roadmaps as a service that focuses on client maturity levels, end user experience and business outcomes. The assessment consists of a series of questions and probes by experienced ServiceNow certified resources to establish an “as is” profile.  That data is compiled into a report showing the recommended action steps to deliver a consumer grade experience by aligning best practices, addressing pain points and identifying “low hanging fruit”.

Retainer Teams

Evora’s retainer teams are designed to provide you with a low monthly cost to support your ServiceNow needs. Evora offers on-shore, off-shore or blended retainer teams that are great for: maintenance and support, implementation readiness, custom app development, quality assurance and more!

USA Evora IT Solutions Beau Gibbs

98 Cuttermill Road, Suite 466
Great Neck, NY 11021-3019, USA

USA Evora IT Solutions Noah Ryan

98 Cuttermill Road, Suite 466
Great Neck, NY 11021-3019, USA

USA Evora IT Solutions Cory Blum

98 Cuttermill Road, Suite 466
Great Neck, NY 11021-3019, USA

Reimagining Campus Services with ServiceNow FSM
Do you struggle with disconnected processes, scheduling inefficiencies and workforce management? With ServiceNow’s Field Service Management, Evora focuses on delivering a smooth experience by automating processes and creating a modern experience for the campus community. Learn how to reimagine your campus services!
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Why Your FSM Process is Lacking
Does your business suffer from a lack of efficiency and disconnected processes? Increasing service and support costs due to lack of resources, repeat visits or asset visibility? With ServiceNow’s Field Service Management, Evora can transform your field service. Learn how you can digitize, connect and automate field service processes.
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Deliver Frictionless Experiences with ServiceNow FSM
Is field service your strategic differentiator? With ServiceNow’s Field Service Management, Evora connects field service with teams inside the business as well as mobile tools to quickly respond to and prevent issues, ensuring the safety of both customers and workers. Learn how to deliver frictionless experiences!
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Evora Switzerland launched
Evora IT Solutions now has a national office in Switzerland and continues to grow. The Swiss customers and partners of the IT service provider can look forward to even better support and simplified project handling. After Austria and Spain, it is now the third subsidiary in Europe in addition to…
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Evora has been active in the neighboring country for years, with customers from the pharmaceutical sector, utilities, chemical and industrial companies. In recent years, our business in Switzerland has grown continuously. So it made sense to establish a national subsidiary to be even closer to our customers. We look forward to continuing good relations and the exciting market in Switzerland.

Improve Safety with ServiceNow Facilities Management
Do your facility teams struggle with siloed teams, manual processes, managing assets, slow response times, and/or scheduling and dispatching techs (including third-party contractors)? With ServiceNow’s Facilities Management, Evora ensures that the facilities of the environment are in harmony with the people who occupy them. Learn how to improve safety and optimize productivity!
Download Flyer | PDF, 349.4kB
ServiceNow Facilities Management Webinar
To learn all about addressing these challenges, what ServiceNow FSM and Facilities Management can do for you, and how Evora can support using the platform to meet the demands of your business, watch the recording of our webinar here.
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Evora Spain Foundation
Evora IT Solutions today announced the foundation of Evora IT Solutions, S.L. located in Zaragoza, Spain. The managing director of the new location is Alfonso Lacerda who was appointed with effect from October 1st, 2022. He brings to Evora IT Solutions a mix of extensive experience of 20+ years in the…
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Siemens Healthineers WeScan Success Story
How much significant value are you missing out on? ServiceNow CSM & FSM solutions create a smooth experience by automating core processes. Learn how to transform your processes and create significant value today.
ServiceNow CSM & FSM for Siemens
Evora supported the development of a custom automated solution integrating ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) and Field Service Management (FSM). This solution allows for a completely automized process with real-time interaction of customer and third-party providers.
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We specifically partner for smart, digital dispatch of our global field force team as well as our new digital services like WeScan. We target for speed, precision, effectiveness, and a true digital experience for our customers. Evora is an important partner towards our target of a fully digital customer service experience!

Identify Barriers with a ServiceNow Assessment
What barriers are holding your business back from achieving maximum ROI? Evora’s ServiceNow Assessment will identify obstacles then provide an actionable roadmap for success. Learn how to optimize operations and employee experiences!
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What to do now that ClickSoftware is retiring
To learn all about migrating to ServiceNow FSM when ClickSoftware retires and how Evora can support your transition, watch the recording of our webinar.
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ServiceNow CSM at Siemens Healthineers
Evora supported the development of a custom automated solution leveraging ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM). The solution focused on creating a smooth experience by automating core customer service processes and retiring several legacy systems.
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Siemens Healthineers Success Story
How much potential growth are you missing out on? ServiceNow CSM creates a smooth experience by automating core customer service processes. Learn how to transform your processes and unlock growth opportunities.
ClickSoftware End-of-Life
What are you going to do when Click retires? ServiceNow FSM can be a smooth transition for your business. Learn how Evora can support the migration.

Together with our great partner Evora IT Solutions, we transformed our processes on the ServiceNow platform. Another step in our journey to be ‘always on, always in touch” with our customers.

ServiceNow Custom App Dev
How intuitive is your application user experience? Custom App Dev allows powerful digital workflow apps to be built to connect people, processes, and systems in a fraction of the time. Learn about how ServiceNow Custom App Dev can help your business create an experience users will love.
ServiceNow Retainer Teams
How much support are you receiving for your ServiceNow needs? Retainer teams are great for maintenance and support, implementation readiness, custom app development, quality assurance, and more. Learn about how ServiceNow Retainer Teams can help your business.
ServiceNow CSM
How smooth is your customer service process? CSM enables businesses to streamline their customer service processes to deliver the responsive and effortless experience customers expect. Learn about how ServiceNow Customer Service Management can help your business boost productivity.
AR for ServiceNow FSM
How is your current customer satisfaction? The typical operations of Field Service Management consume enormous time and expenses. Learn about how Augmented Reality combined with the ServiceNow platform can help your business evolve.
ServiceNow Premier Partner
Evora announced its advancement to a Premier Partner in the ServiceNow Partner Program today. Evora supports ServiceNow customers in accelerating their digital transformations with special expertise in scalable and robust integrations.
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Evora’s ServiceNow practice has grown exponentially in the first part of 2021. We were able to advance to a Premier Partner through the hard work of our experienced ServiceNow teams and the support of our clients. We’re excited to continue our journey with ServiceNow.

Run Your Apps Better with AMS
Resolve unforeseen incidents, proactively monitor environments, receive assistance with DevOps, service packs, and patches, and much more. Application Management Services (AMS) will keep your solutions stable and running smoothly, as well as enhance them.
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Simplify Your Business with ServiceNow
Optimize business processes and solve unique challenges by implementing innovative ServiceNow solutions based on best practices, real-life scenarios, and leading-edge technologies. Learn how the ServiceNow platform can help you be successful in tomorrow’s world.
Download Flyer | PDF, 482.0kB

Application Management Services from Evora provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that our experts are available whenever needed to help resolve any unforeseen incidents, proactively monitor environments, assist with DevOps, service packs & patches and more. We help you to run your system better in order to support your business.

i.Safe mobile devices for Evora’s customers
i.safe MOBILE, one of the world’s most innovative developers of mobile communication devices for use in hazardous areas, and Evora IT Solutions, global consulting and software solution provider focused on maintenance and customer service based on best practices and cutting-edge technologies from SAP, ServiceNow and Click (by Salesforce), today announced…
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ServiceNow Specialist
We are proud to announce the transition to the ServiceNow Specialist Partner Program segment. One of Evora’s present projects in this field was the development of an app, which is used by local customer service organizations to order services and support, enabling system specific material, software & license ordering on…
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2020 has been a strong year for Evora’s growing ServiceNow practice. Sooner than expected we achieved Specialist Partner status with backing from our clients and our experienced ServiceNow teams. We are now looking forward to continue this journey and achieve many more milestones in 2021.

Evora took the project team at Siemens Healthineers on an agile journey with the common goal of providing the mobile service technicians with a successful app for their daily work. The constructive and friendly team culture contributed to the success just as much as the cooperative and trusting collaboration.

Digital customer service at Siemens Healthineers
Evora develops solutions for optimized staff scheduling and mobile service support (e.g. checklists) and ensures smooth operation and seamless integration with SAP, ServiceNow, Click (by Salesforce) and other systems. Together with our customer we shape the future of the health care system, currently already in 9 countries with almost 10,000…
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Expertise at your fingertips Make your ServiceNow Project a Success

Get in touch to let us help you leveraging ServiceNow technology to improve your business productivity. Our extensive ServiceNow experience combined with process knowledge from various industries ensure that your project will be a success.

Ask the expert Beau Gibbs EVP of ServiceNow Solutions