Service is a game changer

What’s considered field or customer service by technology service providers, might be part of operational maintenance for a manufacturing company. Observing the innovations in the service area helps to optimize internal processes for asset management and maintenance. In other words, the “customer” is the company’s own production site. That’s the case with Miba Group, a manufacturer of components for the energy value chain.


Innovation driver

While the product margins decreased over the last years, the service margins in industrial manufacturing are growing. Industrial manufacturing leaders are constantly seeking innovations to close the gap. Being open to feedback and prioritizing the needs of both customers and service technicians is key. In doing so, they’ll not only achieve Field Service Excellence but also ensure sustained growth and success in a rapidly evolving landscape. It is important to remember that while technology is critical, the human element remains central to field service.


SAP Field Service Management

Together with the ERP software manufacturer SAP, Evora can provide everything that could support manufacturing industry in establishing a streamlined Field Service Excellence end-to-end processes. The target: a complete platform for all-encompassing service – from initial customer contact to successful order processing. So, SAP Field Service Management delivers features such as predictive service, intelligent data utilization and efficient resource management. What’s special about this offering: We recognise that there is a big difference between implementing a solution that “technically works” and one that meets the needs of the business. The wisdom, knowledge and experience of Evora’s people in implementing complex workforce management, service and scheduling solutions ensure a successful implementation.

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Connected assets and intelligent analytics

Connecting equipment with IoT allows performance to be tracked in real time and service needs to be proactively identified. Advanced analyses and artificial intelligence (AI) help to increase efficiency and reduce downtime.

Predivtive Service

With Asset Performance Management, SAP offers a solution that can be used to implement next-generation maintenance and service concepts. Automation of work orders and access to real-time data and alarm functions improve response times.

Efficient Resource Management

Intelligent tools can be used to optimise the assignment of staff and resources, thereby reducing downtimes. Technicians are supported in their work through mobile access and structured workflows.

End-to-end processes

SAP Field Service Management allows you to seamlessly track work orders and improve team scheduling. Successful execution and completion of work is guaranteed with mobile (offline) solutions.


Case Study

Miba – SAP Field Service Management

Miba develops and produces function-critical components for applications along the entire energy value chain. At 20 production sites worldwide, over 7,000 employees manufacture components for vehicles, ships, aircraft, construction and agricultural machinery, wind turbines or power grids. For internal maintenance, a solution was needed to cover all process steps: from…

In a nutshell

Everyone is aware: Customers don’t want to buy features and functions – they want results. This can be the customers of a machine manufacturer, but also their own production facility. Transaction data provides deeper insights into the equipment being serviced and how it is used, helping to achieve better results faster. To truly achieve Field Service Excellence as a business, a holistic approach is needed that encompasses technology, people and processes.


Field Service Excellence White Paper

In Evora’s white paper, you can read about the steps that lead to Field Service Excellence.

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“The State of Services for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers” study

Detailed information on current challenges is provided by TSIA’s annual study “The State of Services for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers”.

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