Evora is one of the “Best Workplaces in Germany”

Evora IT Solutions Germany was once again awarded in the industry competition “Best Workplaces in ITC 2024” and the regional competition “Best Workplaces in Baden-Wurttemberg 2024” organised by the Great Place to Work® Institute. Evora was also recognised for the first time in the “Best Workplaces in Germany” competition. This was officially celebrated at an on-site gathering of our distributed workforce at the recent co-working event.


Top 5, Top 10 & Top 20

Evora Germany is one of the top 10 ITC employers (with 50 to 100 employees) and top 5 workplaces in the region of hashtagBaden-Wuerttemberg (with 50 to 250 employees). For the first time participating in the larger companies’ competition, Evora made it into the Top 20 companies with the size of 50 to 100 employees! The awards stand for special commitment to shaping a trusting and supportive culture of cooperation within the company. In 2024 we not only celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Evora Germany but also 5 years in a row being named hashtagreat Place to Work! 

Evora’s Employer Profile

The continuous recognition as a ‘Great Place To Work’ is an important success for Evora. I am incredibly proud of our employees, because they are the driving force behind our company’s growth. For us, it’s not just about increasing numbers, it’s about growing together. This award shows that we are not just a company, but a team that stands together and celebrates success as a community.

The award stands for credible management that works fairly and respectfully with employees, for a high Lebel of employee identification and for a strong team spirit in the company.

I am immensely proud of what we have accomplished over the past 10 years. Our journey has been filled with many challenges, triumphs and the relentless pursuit of supporting our customers successes. The dedication of our talented and passionate team has been the driving force behind our success.

We are hiring!

We look forward to embracing the future with even greater enthusiasm, creating pioneering solutions that will positively impact our customers and continue to drive our company’s growth! Would you like to join us? Get in touch!

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