i.Safe mobile devices for Evora’s customers

i.safe MOBILE, one of the world’s most innovative developers of mobile communication devices for use in hazardous areas, and Evora IT Solutions, global consulting and software solution provider focused on maintenance and customer service based on best practices and cutting-edge technologies from SAP, ServiceNow and Click (by Salesforce), today announced their global solution and technology partnership. Both companies complement their own offerings by combining mobile hardware and software solutions for digital maintenance in the specialised, demanding industrial sector. Target industries for both companies include chemical/ pharmaceutical/life science, oil/petrochemical/ mining, manufacturing/production, utilities, transportation and logistics, and public utilities/municipalities. In a first software/hardware pilot project, a joint major chemical customer of the two companies is already successfully using i.safe MOBILE’s IS930.RG tablet for SAP-supported maintenance processes.

We are delighted to have found in Evora IT Solutions a globally established solution partner, who will collaborate with us to offer future-oriented products and solutions for intrinsically safe and robust industrial use and implement the vision of digital transformation with us. We are already in the planning phase of a joint sales solution to further facilitate the decision-making process for our customers for process-optimised solutions in the software and hardware area.

Particularly in chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical sectors, there are special requirements for maintenance. Maintenance operations must be carried out efficiently and are subject to high documentation requirements. In addition, explosion protection plays an important role. To meet all these expectations, a coherent overall solution is required. This is exactly what the combination of explosion-protected mobile communication devices from i.safe MOBILE and the maintenance software from Evora offers.

Both companies will thus be able to offer their global customers the added value of the combined integration of solutions/software and hardware for ex- or rugged industrial use. In a first step, Evora IT Solutions will include the mobile devices of its hardware partner i.safe MOBILE in its project business. In return, i.safe MOBILE will offer its customers further added value through software-supported process optimisation in maintenance and field service management through the consulting and software solutions offered by Evora IT Solutions. The companies can benefit from the experience already gained in the combined use of i.safe MOBILE devices and software solutions from Evora at several joint customers: globally operating chemical, pharmaceutical and oil/petrochemical groups, as well as European energy suppliers.