Chesapeake Energy’s story

We met our customer from Chesapeake Energy at the 2018 SAP-Centric EAM conference where they explained their frustration and disappointment with the SAP Work Manager solution that was implemented as a part of their SAP EDGE project two years earlier. The goal of the project was to improve the efficiencies of operations maintaining the well sites, assets, and unify their corrective and preventive maintenance scheduling, Chesapeake Energy deployed SAP Work Manager to over 800 technicians across six States in 2016. While they gained some of the benefits they hoped to achieve, they did not get everything and were questioning the value of the investment. In 2018 Chesapeake started down path to evaluate and pilot alternative solutions until our chance meeting at the conference. We helped them to understand that the issues they were experiencing were common, solvable, and they could streamline Work Manager to satisfy the users in the field. Together we completed that work with great results. The session delivers insights into the challenges faced, the many ways the customer tried to solve them, and how they ultimately turned things around without excessive cost.

In the end, the key business benefits for the customer included:

  • Reduced the number of screens by 80 percent
  • Improved the confidence of maintenance data captured
  • Increased overall technician satisfaction

This session has been shared in a webcast and presented live at SAP-Centric EAM conference (by ASUG) in spring 2019. You can register for the webcast replay at ASUG or get in touch with us to learn more.