Evora among the leaders in SAP Hackathon

When the Hackathon at SAP Connect in Berlin came to an end Evora was among the top companies fighting for the lead. Out of 16 companies that applied to participate SAP selected 6 partners who were invited to participate to build an app using SAP Cloud Platform, the native Fiori SDKs for iOS and Android and SAP Data Intelligence for machine learning.

The use case was provided by German company FRoSTA which produces high quality frozen food being sold in supermarkets in Europe. FRoSTA is interested in a mobile app using innovative technologies like machine learning & augmented reality to provide easy to use tools to their sales force to help them sell more products.

Within 24 hours, we implemented the AR Sales Companion app which provides a full screen augmented reality view to provide salespeople an overview about FRoSTA products in the supermarkets’ freezers. Using machine learning, the app predicts how the wholesale price of FRoSTA products would evolve over time as well as provide recommendations how many products a supermarket should stock based on past turnover of the product, as well as sales from  other supermarkets in the area and factoring in seasonal demand. Additionally, for each product the app shows if the supermarket has sold more, less or a similar amount as other comparable supermarkets in the same area so that the salesperson can make recommendations to the store to re-position FRoSTA’s products to increase revenue per linear meter of shelf space.

After presentation of our app to the Hackathon Jury which included among others Ben M. Windhorst, CIO at FRoSTA, and Anja Schneider, SVP & Global Head Customer Innovation at SAP, the top 3 teams of the competition were announced on the center stage of the SAP Connect conference. Evora came in second after winner QSC. Congrats to everyone and thanks a lot to SAP for allowing us to learn a lot in 24 hours and more importantly have a lot of fun!