Farewell, SAP Work Manager

Many companies are still benefiting from their investment in SAP Work Manager, but are running a version that is no longer covered by SAP mainstream maintenance. Some are also evaluating their future plans now that SAP Service and Asset Manager is SAP’s go forward solution for mobile work management. Evora has extensive experience with both SAP Work Manager and SAP Service and Asset Manager. We can help you stay compliant, understand what is required for the future and implement a strategy for success. This topic has been covered in a blog post at SAPInsider recently.


What can SAP users exect?

SAP Work Manager’s on-premise functions are becoming outdated, and SAP scheduled the end of its mainstream maintenance by the end of 2024

State-of-the art solution for mobile workforce and asset management is SAP Service and Asset Manager (SSAM)

Companies that lead the way can look forward to positive changes that will arise from the migration of mobile applications to the cloud

Status Quo

SAP Work Manager is a comprehensive mobile solution supporting asset management and field service processes. Over the years, SAP Work Manager has proven to be a reliable platform that connects workers to data stored in an SAP system, enabling them to better fulfill work and service requests while on the road. However, with the ongoing drive for innovation, SAP Work Manager’s on-premise capabilities are becoming outdated and SAP has scheduled the end of mainstream maintenance for the end of 2024. Customers using SAP Inventory Manager and SAP Service Manager and are also facing the same questions. Evora can help upgrade or migrate to the SAP Service and Asset Manager implementing  Inventory Clerk resp. Service Manager persona.


From SAP Work Manager to SAP Service and Asset Manager

In order to meet business requirements even better, SAP has developed a new application that has now reached a high level of maturity: SAP Service and Asset Manager (SSAM). The solution comes with a user-friendly interface, a mobile development kit for modern, fast and cloud-ready development with mobile-native features, and out-of-the-box integration with the user’s SAP backend. It’s available for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. In addition, the four personas in SSAM provide functionality tailored to different job roles: Internal Maintenance, Inventory Processing, Field Technician and Safety Technician.

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How can Evora help?

Evora has a defined methodology for upgrades based on our over 12 years of SAP Work Manager implementation experience. With more then 40 SAP Service and Asset Manager implementations we are also the most experienced SAP partner in that area. Our approach will ensure your upgrade will be smooth, efficient and successful. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • A free assessment on what’s required for an upgrade or migration

  • Review new features and improvements for Work Manager

  • Provide a strategy and advice to plan a path forward

  • Decide whether on prem or in the cloud is right for your future

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