New Release of SAP Service and Asset Manager 2210

Exciting news on mobile maintenance SAP just came in! Hear key take-aways from the experts Karthik Setty and Bill Padula on the recent release of SAP Service and Asset Manager 2210. The video features the big new features like background sync, consolidated work order completion screen, smart form integration and more inventory persona functionality, but is also highlighting lesser-known new features. Or as Bill stated: “There are few things that SAP has added that frankly you may not notice are there. But when they weren’t there, you would notice that they were gone.” For those waiting for Windows support, there are good news too! “The first version is finally released. We see that most of the features are there” said Karthik, “We encourage all of you to have a look at it, play around with it and see if you can already start using the Windows version.”