Vital Truths About Business Digitalization

The use of automation and AI-driven technologies for creating intelligent digital twins is a key enabler for global scalability, and accelerates creating the digital backbone of the company during digital transformation. Enhancing this technology with an augmented reality experience including mark-up annotations, provides a solid basis for data insights, data-driven decision making, and performance optimization. This innovation project will change the way we are working, and enables us to position ourselves among digital frontrunners within our industry.

Having experienced the equivalent of 10 years of digital change in the past 18 months or so, organizations are addressing the realities of transformation as digitalization becomes the business norm… Here is a sampling of their far-ranging thoughts on the sustainable business realities behind innovating on cloud-based digital platforms…

Oil and gas provider OMV New Zealand recently won an SAP global Innovation Award for its groundbreaking digitalization that included digital twins and augmented reality (AR) in onshore and offshore inspections. Learn more in the Forbes article here.

Find out more about Evora’s work with OMV New Zealand using Mobile Asset Management with Augmented Reality here.