MIT – A Journey through the COSMOS

Beginning in 2016, the Department of Facilities at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology embarked on a department wide ‘COSMOS’ – Community of Stewardship; Mobilization of Service – program to improve materials management, system records & data quality, and mobilize field service technicians.  In a joint SAP EAM Centric 2018 session MIT shared how the journey started with an introspective review of processes, determination of interdependencies, prioritization of changes, lessons learned and the results they have achieved so far. 

A significant element of the success and key focus was on their approach to the implementation and deployment of SAP Work Manager with iPads running in the SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud.  Working with Evora IT Solutions, it first began with a small pilot deployment and systematically rolled out to our full team of 150 service technicians. This has transformed MIT’s service processes from paper to a much more efficient operation.