EvoFit Challenge 2020

We completed our 2020 EvoFit challenge in November where employees contributed activities of all kinds including sports, fitness and family fun. The activities are scored towards our goal which is used to determine the final amount of Evora’s charitable donation for this year.

With our strong team effort, money was raised for various organizations selected by our employees. We are proud of our performance and team spirit despite the difficult circumstances this year! Today we share the donation recipients in the different regions of Evora.


Helping People to Help Themselves

A peaceful celebration and hopeful start to the New Year should not depend on if you can afford it. Evora is supporting the fight against hunger and poverty with our donation of 2,000 euros to World Hunger Aid as part of our EvoFit Challenge. The German Welthungerhilfe organization is active in 36 countries and promotes projects such as the training of Indian small farmers in sustainable cultivation, food for infants from displaced families in Africa or education about healthy nutrition through local organizations in South America.

World Hunger Aid

Khan Academy Online Learning

As a result of our EvoFit challenge, the Evora US team selected this not-for-profit organization to receive our $4,100 donation. This helps Khan Academy to continue helping learners of all ages to fill gaps in their knowledge and reach their full potential. From a four year old using the Khan Kids iPad app in the US, to an eleven year old learning JavaScript in India, Evora family members across the globe can benefit from Khan Academy. 

Khan Academy

Helping Families in Need

Evora team Austria decided to donate the EvoFit contribution to the “Families in Need” initiative of Caritas. The donated amount of 2000 Euros will be used by Caritas to help affected families in counseling centers and mother-child homes so that children grow up in a safe environment despite difficult situations.

Caritas website
Plant for the Planet

With another donation of Euro 2,000 as part of the EvoFit sports challenge, Evora is planting trees against the climate crisis, contributing to the world’s sustainability and helping to save our children’s future. The youth initiative Plant-for-the-Planet is dedicated to planting trees to protect the climate. A tree absorbs at least 200 kg of CO2 in its lifetime. The organization is committed to planting 1,000 billion trees by 2030 through worldwide planting projects.


Education for adults with intellectual challenges

In India, the EvoFit donation will go to the Diya Foundation, which aims to enrich the quality of life and bring dignity to differently-abled adults by training them in life skills and vocational skills. Due to the pandemic situation our donation will be delivered later this year.

Diya Foundation