Evora IT Solutions has once again been Great Place to Work®-Certified in India (from September 2022 – September 2023)! Great Place to Work® Certification is the most definitive Employer of Choice recognition that organizations aspire to achieve. The Certification is recognized world over by employees and employers alike and is considered the Gold Standard in identifying and recognizing Great Workplace Cultures. Every year, more than 10,000 organizations across 60 countries apply to get Great Place to Work–Certified™. Evora India is proud to have created a Great Place to Work FOR ALL their employees by excelling on the 5 dimensions of a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™ – Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Camaraderie.

A great place to work comes from its people and how they assimilate; this is the core of Evora – it is the people coming together as one that distinguishes not only our products and services but also our working environment. We continually strive to foster a culture that is transparent and accommodative to our people, their skills, and the trust amongst us.

In addition to being re-certified, Evora India recently welcomed our 200th employee! Our growth has been truly organic, bolstering our ability to be creative, inclusive, and diverse as we expand and evolve further. It is gratifying to see Evora focus on being a collaborative and people-centric place to work – today not only in Bangalore, but also in Noida and Pune, with more to come. We also believe that the team flourishes when we can take a little break from the hustle and bustle of daily life to really enjoy each other’s company, whether it be monthly or a quarterly team outing.

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Evora US has joined the ranks of Evora India and Evora Germany! Evora IT Solutions has been Great Place to Work®-Certified in the USA (from December 2021 – December 2022)! Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. Since 1992, they have surveyed more than 100 million employees worldwide and used those deep insights to define what makes a great workplace: trust. Which they say is the main ingredient in building a great workplace. Their mission is to build a better world by helping organizations become a great place to work for all.

Evora US is very proud of becoming Great Place to Work certified! 2021 has been a strong year for us and this achievement goes to show that our employees are at the center of that success. We are driven by collaboration and trust and place a strong emphasis on a positive company culture where employees are encouraged to share their opinions on what will improve our organization internally and externally. I would like to thank all Evorians for making this certification possible!

100% of employees at Evora IT Solutions, Inc. say it is a great place to work compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. Here’s what employees say makes Evora a great workplace:

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Almost exactly 10 years after founding Evora IT Solutions, Evora’s management has taken another major step forward. After an exhaustive search for a suitable partner to expand the growth of the international Evora corporate group, a purchase agreement with Allgeier SE for the acquisition of a majority stake in Evora was signed. As part of the transaction, Evora’s four founders will hold a 40 percent stake in Evora as entrepreneurs and will continue to shape the future of the company.

Evora values are retained

Customers benefit from a broader software and service portfolio

“With our organization and our Evorians spread around the world, we are pleased to henceforth be part of a high-growth group that is excellently positioned in the market,” say the founders and shareholders of Evora unanimously. Evora’s customers will continue to receive the same exceptional delivery of their projects and support services from the same talented Evorians they have relationships with today. The common goal of both Evora and Allgeier is to guide their clients through the challenges of digital transformation to ensure their future success.


Allgeier is one of the leading experts in the digital transformation of business models and mission-critical processes, serving many well-known customers in the public sector and private industry. By implementing best-practice solutions for innovative digital maintenance and service operations while optimizing their processes, we help our customers to be successful in tomorrow’s world. Allgeier will support Evora in its value driven and independent growth path and allow our customers access to additional experts and services.

With Evora, we are gaining for Allgeier a specialized and fast-growing consulting and software company and a leading solution provider for mobility, planning and scheduling. Evora addresses important areas of need among customers and combines in-depth project and implementation expertise with consistently excellent service. At the same time, Evora is promisingly positioned in the future field of digitization of energy suppliers in order to participate in the “Energiewende” (energy transition) in the course of global CO2 reduction.

We are particularly pleased to gain a successful entrepreneurial team and around 200 highly qualified SAP specialists and software developers on four continents for our Group. With the engineering and service center in Bangalore we significantly strengthen our competence and scalability in high-end software development. Evora is thus another milestone for Allgeier in the expansion of its business towards an international digitization and IT solutions provider.


Allgeier SE

Strong partner for the future

Allgeier is a specialized software and IT services provider for the digital transformation of business models. As a reliable partner, Allgeier supports more than 2,000 customers from the public sector, globally operating corporations, and market and industry leaders in the digitization and strategic development of their business-critical processes with a team of over 3,000 software and IT specialists.

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Evora IT Solutions has been Great Place to Work®-Certified in India (from October 2021- October 2022)! Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. Since 1992, they have surveyed more than 100 million employees worldwide and used those deep insights to define what makes a great workplace: trust. Their employee survey platform empowers leaders with the feedback, real-time reporting, and insights they need to make strategic people decisions. The Institute serves businesses, non-profits, and government agencies in more than 60 countries and has conducted pioneering research on the characteristics of great workplaces for over three decades.

Our employees are the core of our success! Be it culture, growth, business expansion, or transformation, we thrive on collaboration that’s driven by trust at all levels. As an equal opportunity employer and a performance driven organization, creating new learning and growth opportunities has always been the focus. We have an open work culture where Evorians share ideas, voice their opinions, and provide suggestions for us to evolve as an organization and introduce the best work practices. I thank Evorians for making us a “Great Place to Work”!

In India, the institute partners with more than 1100 organizations annually across over 22 industries to help them build High-Trust, High-Performance Cultures™ designed to deliver sustained business results. Hundreds of CEOs and CXOs from India Inc. are part of the great place community that is committed to the vision of making India a great place to work FOR ALLTM.

The Institute’s research shows that great workplaces are characterized by great leadership, consistent employee experience, and sustainable financial performance. These organizations can deliver a consistent experience to all their employees irrespective of their role, gender, tenure, or level in the organization. Their leaders believe in the vision of creating and sustaining a Great Place to Work FOR ALL and role model being ‘FOR ALL’ Leaders.

After being re-certified by the Great Place To Work Institute for the second time at the end of last year, Evora is again scoring a win for the 2021 awards. Evora Germany is officially one of the best employers in the categories of small medium-sized businesses, Baden-Wuerttemberg region and most important for us: information technology & communications companies (ICT). With the announcement at the virtual award ceremony, it is now official: Evora has won fist place in the Baden-Wuerttemberg region and scored second in the entire Germany among the participating companies with less than 50 employees. Evora was also able to improve its ranking in the prestigious ICT category and won second place.

Evora has handled the challenging times with remarkable ease. Everything that made up the strong, positive culture with a distributed workforce was further enhanced and “virtualized” as much as possible over the last year. Team meetings were structured more interactively, social games such as a digital Advent calendar were launched, and the “International Co-Working Week” was reinvented for a full digital experience. Because the atmosphere of solidarity and collaboration with colleagues spread around the world was already strongly virtualized before the pandemic it helped us deal with the situation. The 10 employees who joined us during the Corona period, are just as much part of the team. They feel involved and attest to the fact that Evora’s “virtual onboarding” works well even in these difficult times.

The Great Place To Work award stands for a workplace culture that is highly characterized by trust, pride and team spirit. An attractive corporate culture that promotes engagement and innovation is a central key to economic success and coping with important future expenses, especially in the current Corona situation.

Among many other measures, the Great Place to Work® competition is an important indicator for the company management to find out whether we are still on the right track and how our company culture compares to similar companies. Our goal is to maintain and further develop an exceptional workplace culture and thus differentiate ourselves from the competition. Only in this way can we guarantee sustainable corporate success together with our employees.

The cooperation between the two consulting companies will extend the regional coverage and benefit European clients, especially in the Nordic area. The direct connection between S5 Consulting and Evora IT Solutions allows the companies to help streamline their processes and extend their offer. This partnership will surely help enhance and enrich their businesses and provide additional digitalization services for customers. The collaboration will focus on supporting implementations of SAP Asset Manager and SAP Intelligent Asset Management. By implementing best-practice solutions while optimizing business processes, companies can achieve more. The shared goal is to help customers be successful in tomorrow’s world. First joint activity will be the session at the Norway SAP User Group event for energy industry in March 2021.

We at S5 believe in bringing the greatest talents and thorough expertise to set up the best possible team for every SAP client. This is why we love having Evora IT Solutions on board as our partner. Together with our partners, we exceed expectations of what can be done with SAP technology.

As an international SAP system integrator with a focus on mobile workforce management and user experience, we understand and support the business needs of global and regional companies independent of their size. We are looking forward to teaming up with S5 to drive the digitalization initiatives of Nordic SAP customers.

SAP Expert Knowledge Contact us

As the leading supplier of competence within the new SAP technologies, such as Intelligent Asset Management, Evora delivers additional expertise in SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) as well as SAP S/4 HANA Plant Maintenance (PM) implementations to Nordic SAP customers.

Sales Contact Philipp Hoffmann Key Account Manager EMEA

We completed our 2020 EvoFit challenge in November where employees contributed activities of all kinds including sports, fitness and family fun. The activities are scored towards our goal which is used to determine the final amount of Evora’s charitable donation for this year.

With our strong team effort, money was raised for various organizations selected by our employees. We are proud of our performance and team spirit despite the difficult circumstances this year! Today we share the donation recipients in the different regions of Evora.


Helping People to Help Themselves

A peaceful celebration and hopeful start to the New Year should not depend on if you can afford it. Evora is supporting the fight against hunger and poverty with our donation of 2,000 euros to World Hunger Aid as part of our EvoFit Challenge. The German Welthungerhilfe organization is active in 36 countries and promotes projects such as the training of Indian small farmers in sustainable cultivation, food for infants from displaced families in Africa or education about healthy nutrition through local organizations in South America.

World Hunger Aid

Khan Academy Online Learning

As a result of our EvoFit challenge, the Evora US team selected this not-for-profit organization to receive our $4,100 donation. This helps Khan Academy to continue helping learners of all ages to fill gaps in their knowledge and reach their full potential. From a four year old using the Khan Kids iPad app in the US, to an eleven year old learning JavaScript in India, Evora family members across the globe can benefit from Khan Academy. 

Khan Academy

Helping Families in Need

Evora team Austria decided to donate the EvoFit contribution to the “Families in Need” initiative of Caritas. The donated amount of 2000 Euros will be used by Caritas to help affected families in counseling centers and mother-child homes so that children grow up in a safe environment despite difficult situations.

Caritas website
Plant for the Planet

With another donation of Euro 2,000 as part of the EvoFit sports challenge, Evora is planting trees against the climate crisis, contributing to the world’s sustainability and helping to save our children’s future. The youth initiative Plant-for-the-Planet is dedicated to planting trees to protect the climate. A tree absorbs at least 200 kg of CO2 in its lifetime. The organization is committed to planting 1,000 billion trees by 2030 through worldwide planting projects.


Education for adults with intellectual challenges

In India, the EvoFit donation will go to the Diya Foundation, which aims to enrich the quality of life and bring dignity to differently-abled adults by training them in life skills and vocational skills. Due to the pandemic situation our donation will be delivered later this year.

Diya Foundation

FOCUS Business magazine has once again honoured the top employers in the SME sector and showcased them in 39 categories in the current issue. Employee satisfaction is a significant competitive factor. This year, FOCUS Business and Kununu reviewed the satisfaction factors for the fourth time in order to identify the best employers in the German SME sector in 2021.

We are pleased about the good results in the employer rating of the Kununu portal. This is based on reports from our employees and applicants, which is both a compliment and a motivation for us. Competition for the best minds is particularly fierce in the consulting industry. Even in this challenging year, Evora Germany was able to counter this very well, with nine new hires.


While the average Kununu score for the consulting industry is 3.8, Evora is far ahead with an average of 4.7 (with a maximum of 5 points). In addition to the good image, the areas of working atmosphere, communication, supervisor behaviour and equal rights score particularly well in the comparison. Satisfaction with the corporate culture is 21% higher than the industry average, and Evora’s recommendation rate of 89% is also above the average for consulting firms.

Anyone looking for a potential employer in the highly competitive IT/consulting environment will find a lot of information on Kununu. In addition to detailed ratings, Evora’s Kununu profile offers an insight into the company culture, videos on various career fields, information on the application process and the opportunity to ask individual questions anonymously. Current job postings can also be found there, such as Customer Success Consultant, Project Manager and Architect for mobile SAP solutions or Senior Consultant for SAP PM/CS as well as for ServiceNow.

Climate-neutral travel is an important matter for Evora to protect our earth, and it’s the mission of www.atmosfair.de. The organization actively contributes to CO2 mitigation by promoting, developing and financing renewable energies. So the Evora Germany donation of 5,000 Euro will help to cook more efficiently in Nigeria, generate renewable electricity in India, or build biogas plants in Kenya.

Save the Trees

Climate change threatens the tree population around the globe. To address this, Teamtrees.org set a challenge for donations to plant 20 million trees by 2020. The goal was reached with donations to plant over 21.6 million trees including the Evora USA donation of 5,000 Euros from our EvoFit challenge.

Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Centre

Our Evora team in India regularly visits the Ashraya Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Centre in R.T Nagar, Bangalore. 2019 Evora India donated 400,000 (four lakhs) rupees (about 5,000 Euros) to the center which provides education, medical care, rehabilitation and vocational training for about 60 children ages 6-15 years, some of them mentally or physically challenged.

Evora Austria selected St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research as a recipient of donations within the EvoFit Challenge. The donated amount of 2,500 Euro will help to evaluate new treatment options and conduct clinical studies in pediatric oncology. The Institute is engaged in the use of the cutting-edge technologies to provide treatments for children and adolescents suffering from cancer.