Digitalized maintenance processes

The world of asset management continues to evolve – both from technical and business perspective, and at a rapid pace. The result is a need for next-generation intelligent and connected asset management capabilities utilizing modern methods such as IoT, machine learning, integrated analyses, and access to “single source of truth” data.

Drive safe operations

Complete knowledge about all assets ensures that technicians, planners, reliability engineers, and algorithms have the needed information to develop the best maintenance plan and perform the work properly.

Reduce cost

Reactive maintenance is too late for efficient planning and optimization. Proactive maintenance work is supported through recommendations, optimization of inventory and closer collaboration with third-party suppliers.

Maximize asset productivity

Asset maintenance and performance plans need to be improved continuously based on automated feedback and analysis of failures, performance, life span benchmarking, and other insights gained by real-time data collection.


Evolve Your Asset Strategy

Utilizing SAP Intelligent Asset Management portfolio helps our customers to define, execute, and monitor the optimal asset maintenance and service strategy by providing real-time collaboration, integration, analytical insights, and cloud-based data storage (Asset Central Foundation).

Intelligent Asset Management Critical Differentiator for Today’s Maintenance and Operations Organizations
State-of-the-art business processes

Leverage new technologies to enable new asset management business processes anywhere and anytime

Real-time insights

End-to-end visibility on strategic, tactical and operational level in real time

Connected assets

Bring together information from operational and business systems using IoT for scalable transparency

The power of prediction, optimization and simulation

Drive smarter decisions, improve reliability, and reduce outages

Collaboration throughout the asset lifecycle

Share asset information, access one version of the truth, and collaborate on a cloud-based business network with your business partners

Supply Chain Integration

Integrate your maintenance strategy, planning and execution across the supply chain

Go mobile

With SAP Asset Manager

It’s vital for your business to make sure your field technicians have the best tools to keep your assets running reliably. With the SAP Asset Manager mobile app, they have access to all the services and information they need to do their job safely and efficiently, no matter where they are using smartphones or tablets, even when they’re offline. The package comes with User-friendly interface, Mobile Development Kit for beautiful, modern, fast & cloud ready development with mobile native features, and out-of-the-box integration with your SAP back-end.

Evora is pioneering the field:
18 Custom Add-Ons
14 Implementations
30+ Public Presentations
Evora is here to help What is your challenge?
Collaborate & exchange information

Connect to your business partners exchanging plant data with SAP Asset Intelligence Network

Maintenance strategy setup

Enhance your maintenance strategy with SAP ASPM adapting your maintenance intervals based on availability and criticality

Asset lifecycle & Connectivity

Enhance your operational maintenance with data insights from SAP PAI through faster reaction to critical events based on IoT sensor data

Occidental Petroleum (OXY)
South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA)
Aquarion Water Company (AWC)
CONA Services
Purdue University
City of Toronto
Hamburg Wasser
Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Netherlands
Magna Steyr
Wien IT
OMV Petrom
South 32
SouthWest Water Company
Tadano Faun
National Fuel Gas (NFG)
Ingolstädter Kommunalbetriebe AöR
Fortescue Metals Group Ltd (FMGL)
Infraserv Hoechst
Hamburg Port Authority (HPA)
NRG Energy
Device Technologies Australia (DTA)
Enwin Utilities
Siemens Healthineers
Wiener Netze
Stadtreinigung Hamburg
Deutsche Bahn (DB)
Wien Energie
Austrian Post
FMC Technologies
Toronto Hydro
Metropolitan Utilities District – MUD
Washington Gas & Light
University of Kentucky
Coca Cola Amatil
Energie Steiermark
Siemens PGS
Bremer Straßenbahn AG
Romande Energie
Wiener Lokalbahnen
Chesapeake Energy
Vital Truths About Business Digitalization
Having experienced the equivalent of 10 years of digital change in the past 18 months or so, organizations are addressing the realities of transformation as digitalization becomes the business norm… Here is a sampling of their far-ranging thoughts on the sustainable business realities behind innovating on cloud-based digital platforms… Oil…
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The use of automation and AI-driven technologies for creating intelligent digital twins is a key enabler for global scalability, and accelerates creating the digital backbone of the company during digital transformation. Enhancing this technology with an augmented reality experience including mark-up annotations, provides a solid basis for data insights, data-driven decision making, and performance optimization. […]

SAP IAM Asset Strategy and Performance Management
How much time and money are you spending over-maintaining assets? SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management helps create a checklist of preventative and predictive tasks that can be implemented in your maintenance management system. Learn how to increase asset performance and reduce maintenance costs.
Enhance Your Asset Strategy
Increase asset performance and reduce maintenance costs with SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management, focusing on a checklist of preventative and predictive tasks that can be implemented in your maintenance management system.
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Support Your ServiceNow Needs
Retainer teams are designed to provide you with support for your ServiceNow needs at a low monthly cost. On-shore, off-shore or blended retainer teams are great for maintenance and support, implementation readiness, custom app development, quality assurance, and more!
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ServiceNow Retainer Teams
How much support are you receiving for your ServiceNow needs? Retainer teams are great for maintenance and support, implementation readiness, custom app development, quality assurance, and more. Learn about how ServiceNow Retainer Teams can help your business.
Exchange Data and Collaborate
Improve asset data quality and reliability with SAP Asset Intelligence Network. Collaborate and exchange asset information with Asset Operators, OEMs, suppliers, and service providers.
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SAP IAM Asset Intelligence Network
How effective is your asset exchange strategy? SAP Asset Intelligence Network allows collaboration and exchange of asset information with Asset Operators, OEMs, suppliers, and service providers. Learn how to improve asset data quality and reliability.
Improve Customer Service
CSM enables businesses to streamline their customer service processes to deliver the responsive and effortless experience customers expect. Businesses can boost productivity, proactively address issues, automate common requests, expand self-service, and more!
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ServiceNow CSM
How smooth is your customer service process? CSM enables businesses to streamline their customer service processes to deliver the responsive and effortless experience customers expect. Learn about how ServiceNow Customer Service Management can help your business boost productivity.

I’m grateful to get the opportunity of being the product owner of this challenging and amazing innovation project… to leverage new technologies and drive digital initiatives and projects.

Deliver Amazing Service
The typical operations of Field Service Management consume enormous time and expenses. But with Evora’s expertise in Augmented Reality combined with the power of the ServiceNow platform, the traditional practices of field service are evolving.
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AR for ServiceNow FSM
How is your current customer satisfaction? The typical operations of Field Service Management consume enormous time and expenses. Learn about how Augmented Reality combined with the ServiceNow platform can help your business evolve.
SAP Mobile Roadmap
This month SAP released an updated version of SAP Asset Manager with some exciting new features. Evora has set up the release in our labs and spent some time trying out the new features. We wanted to share our impressions and thoughts of what customers can expect to find in…
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EvoSuite Webcast
The implementation of SAP Plant Maintenance is only the first step in optimizing maintenance and service operations. Digitizing the end-to-end activities can significantly improve efficiency, streamline processes, and increase resource utilization. Learn more about Evora’s EvoSuite of solutions including EvoPlan, EvoNotify, EvoOrder, EvoEquipment, EvoTime, and more. Watch the recording our our webcast supported…
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ServiceNow Premier Partner
Evora announced its advancement to a Premier Partner in the ServiceNow Partner Program today. Evora supports ServiceNow customers in accelerating their digital transformations with special expertise in scalable and robust integrations.
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Evora’s ServiceNow practice has grown exponentially in the first part of 2021. We were able to advance to a Premier Partner through the hard work of our experienced ServiceNow teams and the support of our clients. We’re excited to continue our journey with ServiceNow.

Run Your Apps Better with AMS
Resolve unforeseen incidents, proactively monitor environments, receive assistance with DevOps, service packs, and patches, and much more. Application Management Services (AMS) will keep your solutions stable and running smoothly, as well as enhance them.
Download Flyer | PDF, 479.4kB
Asset Management with S/4HANA provides companies with ideal prerequisites for making in-house maintenance mobile, connected & smart. The use of UI5 and Fiori launchpad in particular makes it possible to involve new user groups. Technicians no longer have to fill out paper forms, can see open work orders in real…
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Simplify Your Business with ServiceNow
Optimize business processes and solve unique challenges by implementing innovative ServiceNow solutions based on best practices, real-life scenarios, and leading-edge technologies. Learn how the ServiceNow platform can help you be successful in tomorrow’s world.
Download Flyer | PDF, 503.8kB

Application Management Services from Evora provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that our experts are available whenever needed to help resolve any unforeseen incidents, proactively monitor environments, assist with DevOps, service packs & patches and more. We help you to run your system better in order to support your business.

Bring Your Maintenance to the New Level
Presented by SAP, the recent webinar on SAP Intelligent Asset Management was conducted by experts from Evora India team, who shared customer success stories and examined a path to using IAM products and the benefits of the SAP IAM Suite for maintenance organization.
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EvoSuite – what’s new?
We developed our EvoSuite of applications to fill in the gaps of the mobile life cycle beyond the solutions offered by SAP.  Our Fiori & UI5 based applications for supervisors, managers, planners, schedulers, crew leads, and administrators deliver additional efficiency benefits by digitizing more work and simplifying repetitive tasks. The new version delivers even more features…
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Work Manager Health-check
Does your SAP Work Manager have issues? Get a free Health-check and get on the path to stability and success. So, it might be time for an assessment with our hands-on team. Get in touch now!
Download Flyer | PDF, 173.7kB
Great Place to Work 2021
After being re-certified by the Great Place To Work Institute for the second time at the end of last year, Evora is again scoring a win for the 2021 awards. Evora Germany is officially one of the best employers in the categories of small medium-sized businesses, Baden-Wuerttemberg region and most…
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The Great Place To Work award stands for a workplace culture that is highly characterized by trust, pride and team spirit. An attractive corporate culture that promotes engagement and innovation is a central key to economic success and coping with important future expenses, especially in the current Corona situation.

Mobile Asset Management using Augmented Reality
Imagine standing in front of the plant equipment you maintain having all the information you need displayed in your field of vision. Or having a skilled expert looking over your shoulder suggesting repair steps while they are remotely sitting in the office. These scenarios are already possible, as showcased by…
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i.Safe mobile devices for Evora’s customers MOBILE, one of the world’s most innovative developers of mobile communication devices for use in hazardous areas, and Evora IT Solutions, global consulting and software solution provider focused on maintenance and customer service based on best practices and cutting-edge technologies from SAP, ServiceNow and Click (by Salesforce), today announced…
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Particularly in chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical sectors, there are special requirements for maintenance. Maintenance operations must be carried out efficiently and are subject to high documentation requirements. In addition, explosion protection plays an important role. To meet all these expectations, a coherent overall solution is required. This is exactly what the combination of explosion-protected mobile […]

We are delighted to have found in Evora IT Solutions a globally established solution partner, who will collaborate with us to offer future-oriented products and solutions for intrinsically safe and robust industrial use and implement the vision of digital transformation with us. We are already in the planning phase of a joint sales solution to […]

Partnership with S5
The cooperation between the two consulting companies will extend the regional coverage and benefit European clients, especially in the Nordic area. The direct connection between S5 Consulting and Evora IT Solutions allows the companies to help streamline their processes and extend their offer. This partnership will surely help enhance and…
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We at S5 believe in bringing the greatest talents and thorough expertise to set up the best possible team for every SAP client. This is why we love having Evora IT Solutions on board as our partner. Together with our partners, we exceed expectations of what can be done with SAP technology.

As an international SAP system integrator with a focus on mobile workforce management and user experience, we understand and support the business needs of global and regional companies independent of their size. We are looking forward to teaming up with S5 to drive the digitalization initiatives of Nordic SAP customers.

The innovation project at OMV displays how the “new” and digital maintenance business go ahead. Utilization of all available technical possibilities in Mobile Asset Management, graphical contextualization in digital twins, using mixed reality with the prior goal – make maintenance more efficient and precisely in planning, as well as simplify the work for service technicians […]

I’m grateful to get the opportunity of being the product owner of this challenging and amazing innovation project at OMV Upstream to leverage new technologies and drive digital initiatives and projects. This augmented reality project will change the way we are working and enables us  to position ourselves among digital frontrunners within our industry.

ServiceNow Specialist
We are proud to announce the transition to the ServiceNow Specialist Partner Program segment. One of Evora’s present projects in this field was the development of an app, which is used by local customer service organizations to order services and support, enabling system specific material, software & license ordering on…
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2020 has been a strong year for Evora’s growing ServiceNow practice. Sooner than expected we achieved Specialist Partner status with backing from our clients and our experienced ServiceNow teams. We are now looking forward to continue this journey and achieve many more milestones in 2021.

Evora among German Top SME employers
FOCUS Business magazine has once again honoured the top employers in the SME sector and showcased them in 39 categories in the current issue. Employee satisfaction is a significant competitive factor. This year, FOCUS Business and Kununu reviewed the satisfaction factors for the fourth time in order to identify the best…
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SAP Asset Manager at SMA Solar Technology
At this year’s online annual congress of the German SAP User Group (DSAG), our customer SMA provided practical insights into the implementation of SAP Asset Manager in production maintenance, as part of the session on mobile maintenance and employee deployment planning, moderated by working group leader Gregor Bender, managing director…
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Work Order Planing for Chemical Industry Services
Infraserv Höchst is the operator of Industriepark Hoechst, a 460-hectare industrial park near Frankfurt, Germany that plays host to around 90 companies doing business in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, basic and specialty chemicals, crop protection, food additives and services. Around 22,000 people work there. Their competencies range from utilities, waste management, grid…
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After intensive research, together with Evora we have implemented EvoPlan, a great tool for order planning. We considered three essential components in our cooperation, which played a key role in ensuring the success of the project: technological feasibility (based on SAP & UI5), economic viability (business case calculation) and last but not least the human […]

Evora took the project team at Siemens Healthineers on an agile journey with the common goal of providing the mobile service technicians with a successful app for their daily work. The constructive and friendly team culture contributed to the success just as much as the cooperative and trusting collaboration.

Among many other measures, the Great Place to Work® competition is an important indicator for the company management to find out whether we are still on the right track and how our company culture compares to similar companies. Our goal is to maintain and further develop an exceptional workplace culture and thus differentiate ourselves from […]

Virtual Mobile Summit
For an event focused on sharing ideas with other users of mobile maintenance and customer service solutions, learning about the latest technologies as well as social networking, we were initially unsure how successful the meeting could be under the current Corona conditions. So, we took the event online and invited…
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Great Place To Work recertified
Evora IT Solutions GmbH has received the Great Place to Work® certification for the second consecutive year.  In the internationally proven certification process, the company faced the evaluation by its employees and received recognition for our attractiveness as an employer. “The award stands for credible and fair leadership and the…
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Siemens Healthineers METO Project
Our team in Germany and India together with our customer Siemens Healthineers launched our endeveaur with ServiceNow at Healthineers. Using this promising technology we developed an app, which is used by local Siemens Heathinineers’ customer service organization to order services and support, enabling system specific material, software & license ordering…
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Successful Linear Asset Management Implementation
Organizations managing linear or continuous assets such as roads, rails, pipelines, and electrical transmission lines face unique asset management challenges. The performance of these assets is the life-blood of these businesses. Specific solutions are needed to support inspections, report on performance and cost data, schedule and prioritize work, and track…
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EvoPlan 3.0 solution demo
Looking for a new way to assign and distribute work orders and notifications?  Does your current tool not get the job done?  Are you shuffling stacks of paper or spending too much time in screens like IW38?  Wish you could see what is happening in real-time? EvoPlan helps supervisors, crew…
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Computerwoche features Evora
As one of the best ITC employers in Germany in 2020, awarded by the Great Place To Work Institute, Evora has now been featured in the leading German IT magazine Computerwoche. Shared core values, virtual teams and joint celebrations are part of our life as Evorians. It feels great to…
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As an IT consultant I’m taking on different roles depending on the project. The biggest impact for the company I feel acting as a project manager, practically being a multiplier: passing on my knowledge and my experience to my colleagues and empowering them to take on and conclude projects themselves.

The working atmosphere in Evora is great! One of our core values is collaboration and through various technologies we are able to collaborate virtually across time zones, across geographies really easily and that helps us deliver outstanding solutions for our customers.

For Evora as SAP implementation partner it’s vital to keep updated on the future road map. Visiting SAP TechEd gives us the opportunity to meet and collaborate with topic owners, to discuss challenges we face at our customer projects, and deliver better solutions.

COVID-19 Tracing App
Governments all over the world are launching initiatives to implement mobile apps for COVID-19 contact tracing in order to reduce the spread of the corona virus. Companies that have a mobile app infrastructure in place for their distributed workforce can contribute to the health of their employees and customers by…
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Intelligent Maintenance with SAP
With SAP Intelligent Asset Management, SAP delivers an end-to-end solution portfolio for the digitalization of asset management. Experts from Evora supported SAP’s webinar series, in which the IAM components and application areas were presented in detail. The series kicked-off with the topic “Modern maintenance management with SAP S/4HANA”, educating the…
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Mobile app with barcode scanning
Evora partnered with CONA Services to add barcode scanning functionality to their new mobile app. Technicians can now capture data real time with Honeywell and Zebra devices. Read the full story on SAP website.
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The motivation, the energy and the new insights gained this week can hardly be described, but are very noticeable in the company’s success and the satisfaction of the employees.

Evora Germany expands management
Evora is an international consulting company delivering innovative solutions in maintenance and customer service based on best practice and cutting-edge technologies. Whether it’s SAP, Click-Software (by Salesforce) or ServiceNow, Evora consultants always find the right tool for integrated planning, scheduling and mobile solutions. In addition to mobile support, many customers…
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Purdue University improves maintenance operations
Together with our customer Purdue University Evora presented a session on maintenance operational improvements by mobilizing their workforce. Key points of this session included how the mobile solution is used to: Manage and view the progress of work orders including assigned and related operations Collect damage codes through an optimized…
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Improving Asset Reliability Online Seminar
Reliable assets significantly contribute to reducing maintenance spend, while increasing production output, and improving top line. Maintenance engineers need up-to-date information on assets including asset maintenance history, safety instructions, etc. to make informed decisions while carrying out maintenance jobs. SAP Asset Manager Mobile application allows maintenance engineers and workers access to asset-related…
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Digital customer service at Siemens Healthineers
Evora develops solutions for optimized staff scheduling and mobile service support (e.g. checklists) and ensures smooth operation and seamless integration with SAP, ServiceNow, Click (by Salesforce) and other systems. Together with our customer we shape the future of the health care system, currently already in 9 countries with almost 3,000…
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Evora awarded again: one of the best employers in ITC 2020
Evora IT Solutions Germany has achieved 6th place in the category of companies with less than 50 employees in the Great Place to Work® competition “Best Employers in ICT 2020”. Following the top results earlier this month in the small and medium-sized businesses in the Baden-Wuerttemberg region in this year’s Great Place to…
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Evora Germany receives two Great Place To Work Awards
Today Evora IT Solutions GmbH has received two Great Place to Work® Awards: for “Best Employers of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses 2020” and “Best Employers in Baden-Wuerttemberg 2020“.  Evora took part in the Great Place to Work® competition for the first time and was able to take 10th place in…
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Mobile maintenance and digital processes in the mining industry
Evora customer MIBRAG, a German mining corporation showcased the implemented solutions for digitalized maintenance at the industry meeting organized by the expert group “Arbeitskreis Nord” – Maintenance Days, which took place at the end of February 2020 in Bonn. Modern open-cast mines operate just-in-time. To ensure reliability of supply and…
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Supporting utility organizations
Evora delivers innovative digital maintenance and service solutions, and is a trusted partner for utilities, transportation, oil & gas, and manufacturing industries. As an international SAP system integrator with focus on mobile workforce management and user experience (UX), we understand and support the business needs of global and regional companies…
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Evora reaches 100 employees worldwide
This month, we reached the next milestone in Evora’s glorious journey. Our team is now officially 100 Evorians located in 6 different countries: India, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, Austria (in order of appearance), rocking the mobile IT world for the past 8 years. Our 100th colleague was welcomed with a…
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Evora Mobile Summit III
The Evora Mobile Summit III focused on innovations in digital maintenance, user experience and mobile applications. Evora invited customers from Germany and Austria to Frankfurt in mid-November 2019. The attendees looked forward to news on industry and technology as well as customer updates on SAP Asset Manager implementations. Held at…
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Evora certified as “Great Place to Work”
One comes after the other, just few weeks after Evora was awarded by FOCUS-BUSINESS Magazine, we received one more employer certification: Evora is now officially a “Great Place to Work”! Evora IT Solutions GmbH has been certified as an attractive employer. The certification program “Great Place to Work® Certified” of…
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Secure mobility for DFS
Evora Customer DFS, the German air traffic control agency presented at the user forum “Use of mobile solutions in maintenance & service” taking place in fall 2019 in Düsseldorf. In the session the design and implementation of a digital maintenance strategy has been discussed, as well as the integration of…
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SAP IAM Presentation
For Evora, the user forum “Use of mobile solutions in maintenance & service” in Düsseldorf taking place from 14 to 15 of November, 2019, was was a great success. With a technology presentation, several use case scenario presentations from our customers and concrete project plans, the Evora team returned home…
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Top Mid-sized Business Employer 2020
Evora is one of the FOCUS-BUSINESS “Top Mid-sized Business Employer 2020”! The ranking was published today in the FOCUS-BUSINESS Magazine in collaboration with the German employer rating web site Kununu. The criteria for the selection includes the number of employer ratings on, the level of ratings above average as…
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Mobile Maintenance at Wien Energie
Austria’s largest energy service provider Wien Energie is a long time customer of Evora. At our Mobile Summit III event taking place in November 2019, Wien Energie presented a session on the development and implementation of their mobile reporting and order management system. Arno Sam, Head of Renewable Generation Plant…
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Vienna Airport Maintenance
Vienna Airport Technik GmbH (VAT) is the professional service provider for Flughafen Wien AG responsible for the construction, maintenance and servicing of technical infrastructure. During the Mobile Summit session the speaker, Peter Kratky, in charge of the management of the building technology at VAT, presented the processes, the associated requirements…
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Evora among the leaders in SAP Hackathon
When the Hackathon at SAP Connect in Berlin came to an end Evora was among the top companies fighting for the lead. Out of 16 companies that applied to participate SAP selected 6 partners who were invited to participate to build an app using SAP Cloud Platform, the native Fiori…
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EvoPlan & intuitive user interfaces
At the T.A. Cook’s SAP UX/UI 2019 conference, which focused on smart user interfaces, customising and usability optimisation in SAP, we demonstrated how to ensure user and project team satisfaction by developing intuitive user interfaces for SAP products.
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Enhanced User Acceptance – Workshop
Wondering how to increase the user acceptance of your SAP applications? Evora conducted a workshop titled “Enhanced user acceptance: Plan, implement and benefit from the latest SAP UX technologies” during the SAP UX/UI 2019 Conference by T.A. Cook which took place in November 2019 in Berlin. An increasingly important factor…
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Toronto Hydro Goes Mobile
In October 2018, Toronto Hydro went live with a new ERP system, ‘Enterprise Connect’, an SAP-based suite of applications that replaced a 16-year old legacy system and 31 custom applications to more effectively serve its 768,000 electric customers. This included various modules including Finance, HR, Success Factors, Payroll, Materials Management,…
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ClickSoftware Future
ClickSoftware, long time technology partner for Evora for field service and scheduling solutions became part of Salesforce. The aim is nothing less than to shape the future of service: connected & intelligent field service experiences. With the combined capabilities of Salesforce Field Service Lightning and ClickSoftware, Salesforce will lead the…
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Mobile Solutions Workshop
In 2019 Evora sponsored the first Management Circle Congress in Cologne, Germany. During the two days of the conference, over 60 attendees were able to get information about Evora’s services, solutions, knowledge and experience at our booth and in a detailed breakout session. On the second day of the conference,…
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Intelligent Asset Management Processes in the Cloud – Workshop
Over 100 customers, partners and SAP product managers from 14 different countries met in Madrid for the International SAP Conference on Intelligent Asset Management 2019.The focus of this conference was on building a winning digital supply chain strategy with the support of SAP S/4 HANA Portfolio. As an SAP Gold…
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Evora Austria
Today Evora IT Solutions GmbH opens our new subsidiary in Austria. This is the fourth international Evora location in addition to our offices in Germany, the USA and India. As customer proximity and customer satisfaction are our main focus, the establishment of this office is an important step to be…
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Chesapeake Energy’s story
We met our customer from Chesapeake Energy at the 2018 SAP-Centric EAM conference where they explained their frustration and disappointment with the SAP Work Manager solution that was implemented as a part of their SAP EDGE project two years earlier. The goal of the project was to improve the efficiencies of operations…
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Experience SAP Asset Manager, enriched by Evora
The session gave an outlook at the brand new SAP offering for mobile maintenance and service and how Evora delivers projects. Speak to us about your requirements or request the slides.
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Digitalized Plant Maintenance at Roche Diagnostics

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Company-wide mobile platform at Bayer
Insights on setup and operation of the company-wide mobile platform in a global environment.
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City of Toronto’s Maintenance with SAP Mobility
This top-rated case study presentation from SAP-Centric EAM 2017 gives you an insider look at how the City of Toronto’s Facilities Management Division (FMD) journeyed through the strategic implementation of technology with SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) at the core. The FMD services over 1,100 buildings and properties for 80 client groups using…
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Mobilizing Workforce for a Greener Future at E.ON
The towering masts of wind farms with their mesmerizing turning blades can inspire awe, beauty and remind us how renewable energy is changing the way we live in & view our planet.  At E.ON, a global change is also happening in the maintenance and repair of these large assets. The…
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SAP Mobile Applications at Bremen Public Transportation
Bremer Straßenbahn AG (BSAG) is the municipal transport company operating in the German city of Bremen. With it’s more than 300 trams and buses they transport almost 300,000 passengers per day. With their traffic control centre and several mobile service trucs, the incident handling was quite heterogeneous, so a mobile solution was required…
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SAP Expert Knowledge Get in Touch

Get in touch to let us help you leveraging SAP technology to improve your workforce productivity, prolong the life of your assets, and enhance their reliability and performance. Also learn how we can help you to improve your workforce productivity with modern mobile solutions.

Ask the expert Karthik Setty Managing Director