DFS Digital Maintenance

At the joint roundtable event with SAP, our customer, the German air traffic control DFS showcased how they have taken their asset management to a new level with mobile software in maintenance of critical infrastructure. Watch the recording to learn more about what their digital maintenance strategy looks like, and what role cloud services and predictive maintenance play. 


DFS is a navigation service provider and responsible for the safe, orderly and expeditious handling of air traffic over Germany with 3,3 million flights, 4,9 million tonnes freight, and 250 million passengers per year (pre-covid).  DFS uses extensive technologies and complex infrastructure including radar towers, navigation facilities and transmitting and receiving stations. With a variety of systems for different domains, diverse and not connected to each other, the maintenance was often impeded. In order to gain data insights and remove media breaks, the decision was made to implement digital maintenance process over the entire life cycle of the assets, including setting up end-to-end processes with single source of truth for data and modern user interfaces. 

Digital Transformation

Solution Approach
  • Single Version of the Truth (SVOT)
  • Digital Maintenance process over the entire life cycle
  • Reporting in near-real-time (maintenance BI, SIS Analytics)
  • Modern user interfaces (UI/UX)
  • Digital twin as basis for IoT
  • Machine learning and KI for process automation
  • Implementation of optimized end-to-end processes
SAP Intelligent Asset Management

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