Mobile Asset Management using Augmented Reality

Imagine standing in front of the plant equipment you maintain having all the information you need displayed in your field of vision. Or having a skilled expert looking over your shoulder suggesting repair steps while they are remotely sitting in the office. These scenarios are already possible, as showcased by OMV New Zealand, a leading Oil and Gas company. Following the invitation by SAP, the project success has been submitted for SAP Innovation Awards. After the project was selected by SAP as one of 70 finalists (from 400 submissions), OMV now won the award in the “Business Innovator” category.

With the help of Evora’s skilled SAP Intelligent Asset Management team, our customer implemented a Mobile Asset Management solution utilizing Augmented Reality technology. Based on SAP Asset Manager and a HoloLens 2 headset, contextualized digital images are available in an augmented hybrid solution both on and offline, providing SAP Plant Maintenance data, SAP Asset Strategy, Performance Management checklist data and a digital twin overlaid as a 3D-Model. Mark-up annotations and checklist assessments are supported to enable results entry and malfunction reporting & synchronization with the SAP Asset Manager application and the digital twin on the fly. The future is now!

Digital Twin

For planning and execution of inspection and maintenance activities

OMV faced various challenges with their planning and execution of inspections. The implemented solution including integrated workflow management, usage of augmented reality & digital twin as single source of truth allows to significantly increase efficiency and productivity of inspection processes.

Project Outcome
25% Reduced Planning Time
10% Cost Reduction
30% Reduced Work Execution Time

I’m grateful to get the opportunity of being the product owner of this challenging and amazing innovation project at OMV Upstream to leverage new technologies and drive digital initiatives and projects. This augmented reality project will change the way we are working and enables us  to position ourselves among digital frontrunners within our industry.

The innovation project at OMV displays how the “new” and digital maintenance business go ahead. Utilization of all available technical possibilities in Mobile Asset Management, graphical contextualization in digital twins, using mixed reality with the prior goal – make maintenance more efficient and precisely in planning, as well as simplify the work for service technicians at execution. Stunning what improvements can happen in that short time – big congratulations to the project team for their fantastic achievements and the collaboration!

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