Successful Linear Asset Management Implementation

Organizations managing linear or continuous assets such as roads, rails, pipelines, and electrical transmission lines face unique asset management challenges. The performance of these assets is the life-blood of these businesses. Specific solutions are needed to support inspections, report on performance and cost data, schedule and prioritize work, and track work progress. Evora had another successful golive, utilizing SAP solutions for linear asset management.

The customer: More than 700 km of railway network connect the shipping facility of Evora’s customer with one of their iron ore mines in Australian outback. Trains which have a maximum length of 2.5 km and each having a max of 240 wagons, carry iron ore from the mine to the shipping port. On full throttle, each wagon can carry anywhere between 120-130 tonnes of ore making a total of >25,000 tonnes of iron ore on each train. The railway network (at many places) runs between regions where there is absolutely no habitation.

The expectation: An offline mobile solution that can be used in such an environment together with no connectivity to regularly maintain and upkeep the railway track. Also a massive count of more than 75,000 functional locations to be available offline for notification and work order creation during inspection.

The solution: SAP Work Manager with Linear Asset Management (LAM) with an highly customized search capability for functional locations.

The journey: The project was envisioned with a complete remote delivery model starting from requirement gathering to go-live. The development started and was completed in double quick time (under 3 months) and we handed out the solution prior to promised schedule. After getting the business approval, we were able to go live mid of 2020.

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Image source: Calistemon / CC BY-SA