Great Place to Work 2021

After being re-certified by the Great Place To Work Institute for the second time at the end of last year, Evora is again scoring a win for the 2021 awards. Evora Germany is officially one of the best employers in the categories of small medium-sized businesses, Baden-Wuerttemberg region and most important for us: information technology & communications companies (ICT). With the announcement at the virtual award ceremony, it is now official: Evora has won fist place in the Baden-Wuerttemberg region and scored second in the entire Germany among the participating companies with less than 50 employees. Evora was also able to improve its ranking in the prestigious ICT category and won second place.

Evora has handled the challenging times with remarkable ease. Everything that made up the strong, positive culture with a distributed workforce was further enhanced and “virtualized” as much as possible over the last year. Team meetings were structured more interactively, social games such as a digital Advent calendar were launched, and the “International Co-Working Week” was reinvented for a full digital experience. Because the atmosphere of solidarity and collaboration with colleagues spread around the world was already strongly virtualized before the pandemic it helped us deal with the situation. The 10 employees who joined us during the Corona period, are just as much part of the team. They feel involved and attest to the fact that Evora’s “virtual onboarding” works well even in these difficult times.

The Great Place To Work award stands for a workplace culture that is highly characterized by trust, pride and team spirit. An attractive corporate culture that promotes engagement and innovation is a central key to economic success and coping with important future expenses, especially in the current Corona situation.

Among many other measures, the Great Place to Work® competition is an important indicator for the company management to find out whether we are still on the right track and how our company culture compares to similar companies. Our goal is to maintain and further develop an exceptional workplace culture and thus differentiate ourselves from the competition. Only in this way can we guarantee sustainable corporate success together with our employees.