Evora developed an add-on which visualizes the asset structure from the SAP ERP and enables interaction using mobile devices or smart glasses like HoloLens 2. It brings AR to iOS or Android clients embedded in SAP Asset Manager (SAM). A digital twin is created utilizing context metadata (as determined via the SAP standard data model) and geometry information. Classifications of functional locations and equipment are used to store the asset to geometry mapping, with work order and notification data also available.

Why Augmented Reality?

Enables remote assist: a third hand and a second pair of eyes to the service technician

Interacts with a digital twin without confusing paper plans

Precisely defines visual work instructions, without scope for interpretation, for work orders and checklists

Provides asset information like history, annotations/ mark-ups from a digital twin, and sensor data


With the help of Evora’s skilled SAP Intelligent Asset Management team, our customer OMV Upstream, a leading Oil and Gas company, implemented a mobile asset management solution utilizing AR technology. The SAP Innovation Awards 2021 winning solution based on SAM and a HoloLens 2 headsets significantly improved OMV’s inspection planning and execution. The following technologies were utilized: SAP Cloud Platform, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Intelligent Asset Management, SAP Asset Manager, and HoloLens 2 headsets.

25% reduced in planning and administration times by direct data gathering
30% decreased working effort using AR/MR & mobile technologies
10% costs cut through workflow optimization

Customer Success Awarded

Mobile Asset Management using Augmented Reality

Imagine standing in front of the plant equipment you maintain having all the information you need displayed in your field of vision. Or having a skilled expert looking over your shoulder suggesting repair steps while they are remotely sitting in the office. These scenarios are already possible, as showcased by…

More on the pilot project
Get in touch Interested in Augmented Reality?

Check out the project details of the pilot project as nominated for the SAP Innovation Awards, download the brochure, and get in touch if we can help you implement your digital maintenance solution.

In the digitalized world, only companies that perfectly master the optimal use of their assets, save costs will have an advantage. Especially in the process industry with it’s process-driven and batch-oriented manufacturing there are high security requirements to meet and complex integrated systems to support. At the joint SAP roundtable event with Evora our customer Treibacher presented their experience of maintenance management journey using SAP mobile solutions.



Treibacher Industrie AG

Treibacher Industrie AG is an international company with over 100 years experience in chemistry and metallurgy. At its headquarters in Althofen, Austria, Treibacher develops and manufactures ferro alloys for the steel and foundry industries, powders for the carbide industry, materials for high performance ceramics and fine chemicals and special alloys. With over 25,000 maintenance orders annually (maintenance, repairs, refurbishments, malfunctions, major repairs, etc.), central availability of work order information as well as onsite support for safe handover of plant assets were crucial.


SAP Asset Manager

SAP S/4HANA ready solution was looked for and found in SAP Asset Manager for mobile maintenance support. Watch the session recording to learn how Treibacher has taken their processes and services to a new level. We show you how the transformation took place, how they benefit from the new digitalized processes, and protect their mobile workforce. The session has been held in German, feel free to get in touch with us if you want us to share the story in English.

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At the joint roundtable event with SAP, our customer, the German air traffic control DFS showcased how they have taken their asset management to a new level with mobile software in maintenance of critical infrastructure. Watch the recording to learn more about what their digital maintenance strategy looks like, and what role cloud services and predictive maintenance play. 


DFS is a navigation service provider and responsible for the safe, orderly and expeditious handling of air traffic over Germany with 3,3 million flights, 4,9 million tonnes freight, and 250 million passengers per year (pre-covid).  DFS uses extensive technologies and complex infrastructure including radar towers, navigation facilities and transmitting and receiving stations. With a variety of systems for different domains, diverse and not connected to each other, the maintenance was often impeded. In order to gain data insights and remove media breaks, the decision was made to implement digital maintenance process over the entire life cycle of the assets, including setting up end-to-end processes with single source of truth for data and modern user interfaces. 

Digital Transformation

Solution Approach
  • Single Version of the Truth (SVOT)
  • Digital Maintenance process over the entire life cycle
  • Reporting in near-real-time (maintenance BI, SIS Analytics)
  • Modern user interfaces (UI/UX)
  • Digital twin as basis for IoT
  • Machine learning and KI for process automation
  • Implementation of optimized end-to-end processes
SAP Intelligent Asset Management

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SAP Predictive Asset Insights (PAI) is an S/4HANA or ERP integrated Software-as-a-Service application that remotely monitors the health of your assets. Leveraging machine learning models trained on sensor data, PAI will automatically raise alerts based on an anomaly score if the machine health violates a predefined threshold. Evora connects sensors to the PAI platform and defines rules to create alerts, enhancing your operational maintenance with data insights.

Why Monitor Asset Health?

Improve first visit fix rate and maintenance request quality.

Improve the equipment effectiveness.

Gain real-time insights on machine performance and critical assets.


Setup, Configuration & Integration
  • Enablement workshop
  • Configuration with SAP ERP or S/4HANA
  • Backend integration
  • Coaching & support
  • Configure predictive model
  • Connect device or asset simulator
  • Test function & business process integration
  • Define rules
  • Analyze alerting & time series
Find out more on SAP Intelligent Asset Management

Get in touch to let us help you leverage SAP PAI to connect sensors to the platform and define rules to create alerts, enhancing your operational maintenance with data insights.

ASK THE EXPERT Karthik Setty Managing Director

The use of automation and AI-driven technologies for creating intelligent digital twins is a key enabler for global scalability, and accelerates creating the digital backbone of the company during digital transformation. Enhancing this technology with an augmented reality experience including mark-up annotations, provides a solid basis for data insights, data-driven decision making, and performance optimization. This innovation project will change the way we are working, and enables us to position ourselves among digital frontrunners within our industry.

Having experienced the equivalent of 10 years of digital change in the past 18 months or so, organizations are addressing the realities of transformation as digitalization becomes the business norm… Here is a sampling of their far-ranging thoughts on the sustainable business realities behind innovating on cloud-based digital platforms…

Oil and gas provider OMV New Zealand recently won an SAP global Innovation Award for its groundbreaking digitalization that included digital twins and augmented reality (AR) in onshore and offshore inspections. Learn more in the Forbes article here.

Find out more about Evora’s work with OMV New Zealand using Mobile Asset Management with Augmented Reality here.

SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management (ASPM) is a Software-as-a-Service application that provides tools and proven methodologies to efficiently plan and develop the optimal maintenance strategy for your assets in order to increase overall asset performance and reduce maintenance costs. Evora will conduct a risk and criticality assessment and perform an RCM or FMEA, using ASPM to focus on a checklist of preventative and predictive tasks that can be implemented in your maintenance management system.

Why Asset Strategy?

Improve asset reliability by using proven methodologies

Reduce costs by avoiding over-maintaining assets

Reduce paper- or Excel-based work by using an asset management system


Setup, Exploration & Realization
  • Risk and Criticality assessment walk-through and knowledge transfer
  • FMEA (Failure Mode & Effect Analysis), RCM (Reliability-Centered Maintenance), and Checklist assessments
  • Fit/gap analysis and defining key processes for asset management
  • ASPM configuration
  • Backend integration with SAP ERP or S/4HANA
  • Implementation with selected equipment
Find out more on SAP Intelligent Asset Management

Get in touch to let us help you leverage SAP ASPM to focus on a checklist of preventative and predictive tasks that can be implemented in your maintenance management system.

ASK THE EXPERT Karthik Setty Managing Director

SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) as part of the Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) offering by SAP is a business network for Asset Operators, OEMs, suppliers, and service providers to collaborate and exchange asset information. Evora integrates AIN as an end-to-end business process using your existing S/4HANA or SAP ERP environment. This enables the creation and synchronization of maintenance assets, heath indicators, and real-time performance data to determine a strategy’s effectiveness.

Why exchange asset information?

Improve asset data quality and transparency across manufacturers, suppliers, operators, etc.

Improve asset reliability and employee productivity.

Leverage and create new business models by trading asset content within your business network.


Setup & Configuration
  • Backend integration with SAP ERP or S/4HANA
  • Configuration of Asset Central Foundation & SAP Business Technology Platform cockpit for AIN needs, as well as synchronization of equipment records
  • Configuration of user roles and authorizations
  • Definition of templates and asset structure
  • Invitations to business partners
  • Quality Assurance
  • Coaching & support

Get in touch to let us help you leverage SAP AIN to synchronize your maintenance assets, health indicators, and real-time performance data.

ASK THE EXPERT Karthik Setty Managing Director

This month SAP released an updated version of SAP Asset Manager with some exciting new features. Evora has set up the release in our labs and spent some time trying out the new features. We wanted to share our impressions and thoughts of what customers can expect to find in the new release. The 2105 release introduces supervisor mode, support for digital signatures and usability enhancements like dark mode.

Supervisor Mode

The app has always been great for maintenance technicians. They can easily manage and complete work orders and notifications through the handheld while working completely offline.

With the latest release, SAP introduces a highly requested feature: Supervisor mode. Now Supervisors can assign work orders to their team and review and approve work orders right from the handheld. This makes it easier for the Supervisors to be out in the field and not being stuck at their desks. We had built similar functionality in Work Manager for some of our customers, it is nice to see SAP adding this to the Asset Manager app.

Overview & Assignment

With the Supervisor mode turned on, the Supervisors can see all the work orders they are responsible for, and they can see who is assigned to the work orders. For new work orders they can assign it to a member of their team directly from the handheld. Dispatching can be configured at work order header or work order operation level. This brings in a huge benefit of being able to dispatch work immediately from the field rather than waiting to come to their desks.


The second feature for Supervisor mode is the ability to review and approve work orders. With this feature turned on maintenance technicians can set work orders to review after they have completed their work. The supervisor now has a new section in the app for work orders needing review. The supervisor can review the work orders on this list and approve or reject the work. The Supervisor can review the consumed materials, time confirmations and also the notes entered by the maintenance technician. Approved work would set the work orders to completed status. When the work order is rejected the work order goes back to the maintenance technician handheld for correction or additional processing. The technician also has a new section for workorder pending review or needing action.

Digital Signature Support

Transparency & compliant maintenance operations

We have had customers ask us to implement a digital signature process while completing a work order. With the latest release this is now available in standard. A digital signature is a type of electronic signature that is used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a user or message. Customers in a number of industries require digital signatures for regulatory compliance of inspection work. The signature process in Asset Manager can be configured to work with an authenticator application. The user will be able to perform authentications using passcodes from the authenticator application, this information is captured in the SAP backend system as a digital signature record. This feature ensures transparency and compliance for maintenance work performed by mobile technicians.


Usability improvements

App Navigation

The latest version introduces a couple of exciting usability features. The new app now has a slide out menu. The user can access this menu from anywhere in the app. You can access this menu by swiping from the left of the screen. This allows users to easily switch to other sections of the app which reduces the number of needed clicks a lot.

Dark Mode

The latest version finally introduces dark mode, which reduces screen glare in various situations and is perceived easier for the eyes in darker environments by many users.

SAP Mobility Get in Touch

We think all the new features of SAP Asset Manager lead to improved efficiencies in the maintenance process. We are looking forward to implementing this for our customers. If you need a demo of the new features, please contact us.

Ask the Expert Karthik Setty Managing Director

Asset Management with S/4HANA provides companies with ideal prerequisites for making in-house maintenance mobile, connected & smart. The use of UI5 and Fiori launchpad in particular makes it possible to involve new user groups. Technicians no longer have to fill out paper forms, can see open work orders in real time while on the road, and can provide feedback directly into the system after a repair. During the recently presented session at the digital conference Implementation & Migration to SAP S/4HANA“, participants got an insight into the new world of maintenance. We also presented how the UI5/Fiori technology an be already used today with EvoSuite.

Further Information

You are interested? We are happy to help organizations who are looking to redesign their maintenance and plant management (PM) processes with S/4HANA. Get in touch to discuss your challenges or request slides from the event.


Presented by SAP, the recent webinar on SAP Intelligent Asset Management was conducted by experts from Evora India team, who shared customer success stories and examined a path to using IAM products and the benefits of the SAP IAM Suite for maintenance organization.


Results, early adopters experienced

Plant heads are in a constant endeavour to effect improvement in Return on Assets, improvement in First-time fix rate and Reduction in Unplanned Asset Downtime. With a multitude of solutions now available to address these goals, the need is for an integrated and synchronized platform. With SAP Intelligent Asset Management (IAM), SAP provides a comprehensive platform for various aspects of modern maintenance. 

5% Improvement in Return on Assets
25% Improvement in First-time fix rate
15% Reduction in Unplanned Asset Downtime
Overview of SAP Intelligent Asset Management Suite

SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN)

Intelligently Connect with Customers and Suppliers

SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management (ASPM)

Optimize Maintenance through Criticality Based Assessment

SAP Predictive Asset Insights (PAI)

Utilize IoT and Analytics for Fast and Smart Decisions

SAP Asset Manager (SAM)

Use Powerful and Flexible Mobile Maintenance App

SAP Expert Knowledge Get in Touch

Get in touch to let us help you leveraging SAP technology to improve your workforce productivity, prolong the life of your assets, and enhance their reliability and performance. Also learn how we can help you to improve your workforce productivity with modern mobile solutions.

Ask the Expert Karthik Setty Managing Director

Imagine standing in front of the plant equipment you maintain having all the information you need displayed in your field of vision. Or having a skilled expert looking over your shoulder suggesting repair steps while they are remotely sitting in the office. These scenarios are already possible, as showcased by OMV New Zealand, a leading Oil and Gas company. Following the invitation by SAP, the project success has been submitted for SAP Innovation Awards. After the project was selected by SAP as one of 70 finalists (from 400 submissions), OMV now won the award in the “Business Innovator” category.

With the help of Evora’s skilled SAP Intelligent Asset Management team, our customer implemented a Mobile Asset Management solution utilizing Augmented Reality technology. Based on SAP Asset Manager and a HoloLens 2 headset, contextualized digital images are available in an augmented hybrid solution both on and offline, providing SAP Plant Maintenance data, SAP Asset Strategy, Performance Management checklist data and a digital twin overlaid as a 3D-Model. Mark-up annotations and checklist assessments are supported to enable results entry and malfunction reporting & synchronization with the SAP Asset Manager application and the digital twin on the fly. The future is now!

Digital Twin

For planning and execution of inspection and maintenance activities

OMV faced various challenges with their planning and execution of inspections. The implemented solution including integrated workflow management, usage of augmented reality & digital twin as single source of truth allows to significantly increase efficiency and productivity of inspection processes.

Project Outcome
25% Reduced Planning Time
10% Cost Reduction
30% Reduced Work Execution Time

I’m grateful to get the opportunity of being the product owner of this challenging and amazing innovation project at OMV Upstream to leverage new technologies and drive digital initiatives and projects. This augmented reality project will change the way we are working and enables us  to position ourselves among digital frontrunners within our industry.

The innovation project at OMV displays how the “new” and digital maintenance business go ahead. Utilization of all available technical possibilities in Mobile Asset Management, graphical contextualization in digital twins, using mixed reality with the prior goal – make maintenance more efficient and precisely in planning, as well as simplify the work for service technicians at execution. Stunning what improvements can happen in that short time – big congratulations to the project team for their fantastic achievements and the collaboration!

Get in Touch Find out more

Check out the project details of the project as nominated for the SAP Innovation Awards and get in touch if we can help you implement your digital maintenance solution.

Direct Contact Uwe Ofner Managing Director

The cooperation between the two consulting companies will extend the regional coverage and benefit European clients, especially in the Nordic area. The direct connection between S5 Consulting and Evora IT Solutions allows the companies to help streamline their processes and extend their offer. This partnership will surely help enhance and enrich their businesses and provide additional digitalization services for customers. The collaboration will focus on supporting implementations of SAP Asset Manager and SAP Intelligent Asset Management. By implementing best-practice solutions while optimizing business processes, companies can achieve more. The shared goal is to help customers be successful in tomorrow’s world. First joint activity will be the session at the Norway SAP User Group event for energy industry in March 2021.

We at S5 believe in bringing the greatest talents and thorough expertise to set up the best possible team for every SAP client. This is why we love having Evora IT Solutions on board as our partner. Together with our partners, we exceed expectations of what can be done with SAP technology.

As an international SAP system integrator with a focus on mobile workforce management and user experience, we understand and support the business needs of global and regional companies independent of their size. We are looking forward to teaming up with S5 to drive the digitalization initiatives of Nordic SAP customers.

SAP Expert Knowledge Contact us

As the leading supplier of competence within the new SAP technologies, such as Intelligent Asset Management, Evora delivers additional expertise in SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) as well as SAP S/4 HANA Plant Maintenance (PM) implementations to Nordic SAP customers.

Sales Contact Jan-Erik Baetz Head of Sales and Marketing

At this year’s online annual congress of the German SAP User Group (DSAG), our customer SMA provided practical insights into the implementation of SAP Asset Manager in production maintenance, as part of the session on mobile maintenance and employee deployment planning, moderated by working group leader Gregor Bender, managing director of Evora.

For over 35 years, SMA has been setting technological trends and driving the development of renewable energies. As a globally leading specialist for photovoltaic system technology, SMA is already creating the prerequisites today for the decentralized, digital and renewable energy supply of tomorrow. Over 3,000 employees in 18 countries are dedicated to this task. At the Niestetal location, 19 technicians work in three shifts in production maintenance. In addition to scheduled maintenance, they provide first-level support in case of production interruptions. In the technical session, you will learn why SMA chose SAP Asset Manager, how the implementation went and what maintenance now looks like with the mobile component in place.

45 Emergency Notifications
1040 Repairs
25.000 Equipments overall

For an event focused on sharing ideas with other users of mobile maintenance and customer service solutions, learning about the latest technologies as well as social networking, we were initially unsure how successful the meeting could be under the current Corona conditions. So, we took the event online and invited our German-speaking customers to a Virtual Mobile Summit that took place at the beginning of November 2020. Many of our customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland accepted the invitation, we were pleased that attendance was nearly twice as high as at the last on-site event in Frankfurt during November 2019. It was a good mix of returning guests and newcomers across all industries: Energy suppliers, chemical companies, medical technology providers, manufacturing organizations, airport operators, and infrastructure service providers. The day started with a joint breakfast, Evora provided a well-filled breakfast box to the location of those interested. Over coffee, juice & muesli, the positive sides of the Corona situation were discussed. Of course, the exchange could not take place to the same extent as in a personal meeting, but nevertheless all participants made the best of it.

The official meeting started with a welcome by Evora management that was followed by a short introduction on the current state of maturity in maintenance. Study results were presented which show that the majority of maintenance organizations still act reactively and without sufficient basis of data. Another showed that about 40% of the companies surveyed are already moving towards proactive maintenance with mobile applications, optimized resource planning and the digitalization of their processes which create added value for their companies. This is where Evora specializes: we provide our customers with solutions and services that enable them to reduce costs and improve quality. So far, only 10% of the companies surveyed are realizing a further boost to added value by establishing predictive maintenance. With modern technologies such as the use of IoT sensor data, augmented reality, calculated maintenance intervals and the exchange of plant data, customers are managing to stand out from the global competition.

Soltions & Services by Evora

In the first of five technical presentations, Evora presented the ability to modernize maintenance operations with the help of EvoSuite. The live demo provided an insight into how we implement digital maintenance processes in a lean and simple way using modern UI5 tools. Starting from a customizable dashboard, notifications were created, equipment information and requirements viewed, and orders created.

More on EvoSuite

The next topic was job planning, it started with a customer presentation from Infraserv Höchst which included an overview of the implementation of EvoPlan at the operator of Industriepark Höchst and their practical experience in day-to-day planning. “After intensive research, we implemented a great tool together with Evora,” said Francesco Puglisi, Project Manager for Planning & Dispatching at Infraserv Höchst. “During the collaboration, we paid attention to three key components that were crucial to the success of the project: technological feasibility (based on SAP & UI5), economic viability (business case calculation) and, last but not least, the human factor (usability and acceptance by users).” The functions of EvoPlan were explained in detail during a live demo and the following Q&A session.

More on EvoPlan

After a break, during which some participants continued their discussions, the latest news on SAP Asset Manager and updates on the numerous projects delivered by Evora in Europe and the North America were shared. Among them was the implementation project at SMA Solar Technology which was discussed in detail at the virtual conference of German SAP User Group (DSAG). Details of the features and look & feel of SAP Asset Manager was provided with a live demo including notification creation, checklist processing and work completion process.


The next session focused on the future of maintenance. It was quite a challenge to cover the complex topic of “Intelligent Asset Management at your fingertips” in the short time available. After a short introduction to the terminology, the functions were shown in a short demo covering  central storage (Asset Central), exchange of asset data with suppliers (Asset Intelligence Network – AIN), risk assessment and impact on maintenance planning (Asset Strategy and Performance Management – ASPM) and finally automated rule generation based on IoT sensor data (Predictive Maintenance and Service – PdMS).

More on Intelligent Asset Management

As a highlight at the end the audience experienced an augmented reality use case where the great possibilities of intelligent maintenance in the future literally became “visible”. For one of our customers in the oil & gas production industry, the future is already here. Details of the project were presented by Evora Austria team, showing how Microsoft HoloLens glasses are used in combination with SAP Asset Manager. “For the technician, it means that he gets a ‘third hand’, since, for example, the documentation in the hands-free scenario is created automatically,” explained Uwe Ofner, managing director of Evora Austria, who is responsible for the project. “And I can have a second set of eyes available, because it’s easy to request support remotely. The experts can thus be efficiently deployed centrally, and seeing an object also improves the quality of the work instructions.”

With lots of questions and in-depth discussions, the almost 3 hours came quickly to an end. The positive participant feedback shows that Evora has done a great job with the format and that we will certainly repeat this in the future. Thanks to all attendees and involved parties!

“Good overview with interesting topics, focus on SAP, good moderation with tangible examples.”

“Very relaxed and dynamic event! As always, time was taken for questions and answered.”
“Very entertaining, very interesting topics, even though some is probably still in the future for many.”
“Very exciting topics and speakers. Very good time keeping.”
“Good moderation, super presentations, the best virtual congress so far.”
“The presentation from Infraserv Hoechst from the practical point of view was very clear and helpful.”
“Seeing the presentation of EvoSuite in practical application was quite enlightening for me.”
Any Questions?
We are here to help!

We are happy to discuss the topics and your requirements. We will gladly provide you with documents or recordings of the topics you are interested in. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Direct Contact Bill Padula EVP Strategic Consulting

With SAP Intelligent Asset Management, SAP delivers an end-to-end solution portfolio for the digitalization of asset management. Experts from Evora supported SAP’s webinar series, in which the IAM components and application areas were presented in detail.

The series kicked-off with the topic “Modern maintenance management with SAP S/4HANA”, educating the attendees about how to simplify their planning processes and efficiently allocate resources to complex maintenance tasks.

At the next date of the webinar series Evora conducted the session “Mobile Maintenance with SAP: remove Paperwork, add effiency”. Based on the successful SAP Asset Manager implementations, the team showed how mobile solutions are used to paperless process maintenance orders online or offline directly at the plant and report back the information in real time.

Digitalization SAP Intelligent Asset Management

Have a look at the recordings of the online presentations (in German) or contact us directly so that we can show a solution tailored to your requirements!

Direct Contact Bill Padula EVP Strategic Consulting

Reliable assets significantly contribute to reducing maintenance spend, while increasing production output, and improving top line. Maintenance engineers need up-to-date information on assets including asset maintenance history, safety instructions, etc. to make informed decisions while carrying out maintenance jobs. SAP Asset Manager mobile application allows maintenance engineers and workers access to asset-related information on a mobile app, so they can ensure safety compliance, execute maintenance jobs, capture asset condition data, book resource consumption and trigger follow up corrective preventive actions to improve overall asset reliability and extend the asset’s life.

Evora conducted a live online seminar together with SAP India in May 2020, topics covered in the session were:

  • Overview of Intelligent Asset Management offering by SAP
  • SAP Asset Manager Application and Use Cases
  • Demo using the Day in Life of Maintenance Engineer Story board
  • Technical Architecture and Extension Framework
  • Mobile Development Kit: Intuitive, fast & cloud ready development with mobile native features.
Want to learn more?

Get in touch to how you can leverage SAP technology to improve your workforce productivity, prolong the life of your assets, and enhance their reliability and performance.

Karthik Setty Managing Director

Evora delivers innovative digital maintenance and service solutions, and is a trusted partner for utilities, transportation, oil & gas, and manufacturing industries. As an international SAP system integrator with focus on mobile workforce management and user experience (UX), we understand and support the business needs of global and regional companies of all sizes.

Keeping labor costs at current level or reducing the workforce while at the same time raising the quality of the process seems like an impossible feat. However, with an aging workforce and more demanding regulations year after year this is exactly what utility organizations expect their maintenance and service leads to achieve. This article is about how a utility company can utilize SAP’s digital portfolio to achieve these external targets while making life easier for everybody in the maintenance and service organization.

SAP’s Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) is all about supporting a fully digital maintenance and service process from an end-to-end perspective. Strongly based on SAP ERP PM/CS and IS-U modules, it allows:

  • Interaction between a company at its equipment suppliers (AIN – Asset Intelligence Network)
  • Introduction of IoT based decision making (PdMS – Predictive Maintenance and Service)
  • Optimizing the maintenance cycles and identifying critical components (ASPM – Asset Strategy and Performance Management)
  • Working in the field, paperless, with all information for the job on a mobile device (SAM – SAP Asset Manager)

A journey of digitalization can often start out by getting rid of the paper forms for technicians in generation, grid maintenance and meter management. SAP and Evora have a proven track record for both sides of the utilities business with customers like RheinEnergie, swb, EnBW, E.ON, Wiener Netze and Wien Energie.

What all of these companies have in common is that they follow a four-step process for their mobile workforce management:

WORK ORDERS AND PREPARATION – Streamline business processes by connecting multiple backend processes to your SAP ERP or S/4 System. Generate the work orders with detailed information about task type, technical object, checklists and qualifications. 

SCHEDULING AND DISPATCHING– Plan the tasks on technician or team level using the optimal tool for your process and organization. Be informed of the status of each task as well as where an intervention is required to meet customer appointments or maintenance guidelines.

MOBILE EXECUTION – The technician synchronizes the work orders and notifications to their mobile device. Not only is the technician aware of the scheduled work and intra-day updates, but they can also have access to more detailed information such as documents stored at the technical object or historical information about past repairs.

CONTROL AND CLOSING – Introduce a review and error management cockpit to ensure a smooth information flow back into the main system. In the metering scenario for example, this could be used to validate readings outside the expected range. 


What are the advantages of implementing such a process? Over the past 5 years, Evora has implemented over 50 workforce management projects in utilities and other industries. Our customers have found that:

  • Efficient planning of technicians increases the time on the actual job (wrench time) and reduces unnecessary breaks, drive time and return calls.
  • Closing the job on the mobile device means that the data is immediately and securely transferred back into the SAP system (a real advantage for both the process speed and quality of information – Auditors love this).
  • The technician has access to a lot more data (GIS maps, failure history, documentation, …) and is able to make better decision onsite, this increases the first-time fix rate.

While all of these points are common across generation, grid and meter management processes, there are some specific topics for each of the concerned business units. If you want to find out how you can profit from SAP-based digitalization with SAP IAM, then join our partner session at the International SAP Conference for Utilities, taking place on April 1 to 3, 2020 in Basel.

Evora’s offering is based on standard components and products to extend the power of the integrated SAP suite, including support & application management. Whether AIN, PdMS, ASPM, Asset Manager, UI5, Personas, Fiori or Click, we find the right tool for integrated planning, scheduling and mobile solutions that delight users. By implementing best-practice solutions while optimizing their processes, we help our customers to be successful in tomorrow’s world.

The Evora Mobile Summit III focused on innovations in digital maintenance, user experience and mobile applications. Evora invited customers from Germany and Austria to Frankfurt in mid-November 2019. The attendees looked forward to news on industry and technology as well as customer updates on SAP Asset Manager implementations. Held at the Hilton Hotel in THE SQUAIRE at Frankfurt Airport, over 20 representatives from our customers came together to discuss solutions along with current and future development in mobile maintenance with SAP. The third Mobile Summit was attended by familiar and new faces. Discussions included the best approaches for deployment planning and maintenance control across many industries including chemicals, airport operations, energy providers, medical technology suppliers and infrastructure service providers.

After the greeting and a round of introductions, the conference began discussing User Experience (UX) in Maintenance. Evora Germany CEO Gregor Bender showed new innovative offerings from SAP with Fiori for integrated and consistent user experience. He also showed Evora’s own EvoPlan solution, highlighting the Gantt view in the newest version as well as improved SAP integration. Additional details were shared about our EvoSuite of apps including easy integration as an add-on to existing SAP environments, enhancements for customer specific requirements, functionality provided for efficient maintenance processes and a roadmap outlook for 2020. Uwe Ofner, Managing Director of our recently founded Evora Austria, highlighted the topic of S/4 migration from the perspective of what needs to be considered for maintenance processes. Concluding this topic, there was an overview of Fiori Apps that be expected with S/4 Hana. The following presentation of “Intelligent Asset Management” allowed the customers to take a look into the future. IAN makes use of new technologies such as IoT, machine learning and integrated analytics for the optimization of maintenance processes. There was great interest and excitement on this topic. The future of CS in the S/4 environment was also demonstrated using current use cases. Participants were able to take home detailed information on current topics from Evora’s experience as well as presentations and working groups from the DSAG conference. The conference continued with a keynote presentation from Andreas Kraft, Solution Manager for SAP Asset Manager, on the current status and roadmap of his product.

Next, our customers presented overviews of their real-life solutions. Vienna Airport Technik GmbH (VAT) is the professional service provider for Flughafen Wien AG responsible for the construction, maintenance and servicing of technical infrastructure. The speaker, Peter Kratky, in charge of the management of the building technology, showed some processes, the associated requirements and their implementation using SAP Work Manager with additional EvoSuite apps including demand assignment with EvoPlan, release of feedback & shift plan overview via absence cockpit with EvoTime, and status overview for malfunction orders in EvoNotify. The second customer presentation covered the development and implementation of a mobile reporting and order management system at Austria’s largest energy service provider Wien Energie AG. Arno Sam, Head of Renewable Generation Plant Operation, provided an overview of the project and shared his experience in implementing mobile maintenance with SAP Work Manager and EvoPlan.

“Beautiful, modern, fast and cloud-ready” was the motto during the presentation of the Mobile Development Kit of the SAP Asset Manager. The User Experience (UI) Framework Fiori SDK was developed in cooperation with Google and Apple and offers a modern user interface with the ability to integrate native program components as well as deep integration into SAP ECC, S/4 and Intelligent Asset Management. The day ended with a lab preview of the possibilities of Augmented Reality with Apple ARKit 3. The feedback of the participants was unanimous: The innovations shown, the smooth organization and the valuable exchange with other users made the third Mobile Summit an all-round successful event.

Evora Customer DFS, the German air traffic control agency presented at the user forum “Use of mobile solutions in maintenance & service” taking place in fall 2019 in Düsseldorf. In the session the design and implementation of a digital maintenance strategy has been discussed, as well as the integration of third-party suppliers into the (mobile) processes. The vision and lessons learned in the area of digital maintenance in the cloud provide a valuable outlook for conference visitors.

Interested in learning more? We are happy to talk about your requirements and share our knowledge, get in touch with us.

For Evora, the user forum “Use of mobile solutions in maintenance & service” in Düsseldorf taking place from 14 to 15 of November, 2019, was was a great success. With a technology presentation, several use case scenario presentations from our customers and concrete project plans, the Evora team returned home happy. The organizer T.A. Cook one more time delivered an excellent platform for the exchange of knowledge between users and with the relevant service providers. It was a great occasion to meet Evora customers such as airports Vienna and Munich, energy suppliers from Duisburg and Vienna as well as the industrial park operator Infraserv and German air traffic control (DFS), who contributed own presentations.

Evora showcased the “Intelligent Asset Management” offering of SAP (IAM), which attracted high level of interest. This included the Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) for exchange of plant data with suppliers, Predictive Maintenance and Service (PdMS) for response to critical events based on IoT sensors, Asset Strategy and Performance Management (ASPM) for the adjustment of maintenance intervals based on availability and criticality as well as mobile maintenance with the new SAP Asset Manager (SAM).

When the Hackathon at SAP Connect in Berlin came to an end Evora was among the top companies fighting for the lead. Out of 16 companies that applied to participate SAP selected 6 partners who were invited to participate to build an app using SAP Cloud Platform, the native Fiori SDKs for iOS and Android and SAP Data Intelligence for machine learning.

The use case was provided by German company FRoSTA which produces high quality frozen food being sold in supermarkets in Europe. FRoSTA is interested in a mobile app using innovative technologies like machine learning & augmented reality to provide easy to use tools to their sales force to help them sell more products.

Within 24 hours, we implemented the AR Sales Companion app which provides a full screen augmented reality view to provide salespeople an overview about FRoSTA products in the supermarkets’ freezers. Using machine learning, the app predicts how the wholesale price of FRoSTA products would evolve over time as well as provide recommendations how many products a supermarket should stock based on past turnover of the product, as well as sales from  other supermarkets in the area and factoring in seasonal demand. Additionally, for each product the app shows if the supermarket has sold more, less or a similar amount as other comparable supermarkets in the same area so that the salesperson can make recommendations to the store to re-position FRoSTA’s products to increase revenue per linear meter of shelf space.

After presentation of our app to the Hackathon Jury which included among others Ben M. Windhorst, CIO at FRoSTA, and Anja Schneider, SVP & Global Head Customer Innovation at SAP, the top 3 teams of the competition were announced on the center stage of the SAP Connect conference. Evora came in second after winner QSC. Congrats to everyone and thanks a lot to SAP for allowing us to learn a lot in 24 hours and more importantly have a lot of fun!

In 2019 Evora sponsored the first Management Circle Congress in Cologne, Germany. During the two days of the conference, over 60 attendees were able to get information about Evora’s services, solutions, knowledge and experience at our booth and in a detailed breakout session.

On the second day of the conference, Evora hosted a three hour workshop which received very positive feedback. During this session we used examples and experiences from our customer implementations to facilitate interactive presentations and in-depth discussions. Topics covered included Fiori / UI5 and other mobile technologies, planning tools and methodologies, Asset Intelligence Network (AIN), Predictive Maintenance and Service (PdMS), Asset Strategy and Performance Management (ASPM), integration to Asset Manager and our perspective on SAP’s current and future strategies for these solutions. If you are interested in any of these topics or would like to explore specific details, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to share our knowledge.

Over 100 customers, partners and SAP product managers from 14 different countries met in Madrid for the International SAP Conference on Intelligent Asset Management 2019.
The focus of this conference was on building a winning digital supply chain strategy with the support of SAP S/4 HANA Portfolio.

As an SAP Gold Partner, Evora answered questions about the Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) suite including the components of Asset Intelligence Network (AIN), Predictive Maintenance and Service (PdMS), Asset Strategy and Performance Management (ASPM) as well as shared many customer implementation examples of Asset Manager and UI5 projects at our booth. We hosted the Intelligent Asset Management Processes in the Cloud workshop where we examined the involvement of different user roles & departments in the full digital end-to-end process of SAP’s portfolio. 

Evora also joined an Influencer Session with the SAP leadership to help drive Intelligent Asset Management features to address the needs of upcoming customers and get early insight into upcoming IAM concepts, designs, and features. Get in touch with Evora to arrange your innovative IAM workshop to dive into the SAP Portfolio and define use cases for your company.

The session gave an outlook at the brand new SAP offering for mobile maintenance and service and how Evora delivers projects. Speak to us about your requirements or request the slides.