Mobile Solutions in Maintenance & Service

Online (in German)

How can the potential of mobile and fully connected maintenance be fully realized? Technology trends such as mobile, AI, VR/AR, predictive, IOT and drones are the focus of this event, which is being held digitally for the first time. The 16th user forum offers the opportunity to network, exchange ideas on the use of intelligent solutions for maintenance and technical service, and discover your own solutions. Download the agenda here

Evora will kick off the conference with an intensive workshop on April 19, 2021, focusing on the topic of Intelligent Asset Management. We show what the future of maintenance looks like: mobile, networked, sensor-based & smart. With SAP Intelligent Asset Management (IAM), SAP provides a comprehensive platform for various aspects of modern maintenance. For many companies, however, it may be unclear how the future of SAP IAM-based maintenance can look like in their practice. This workshop answers two questions: What does a possible path to using the IAM products look like and what are the benefits of the IAM Suite for your maintenance organization?  In the online live session, experts from Evora will examine the entire portfolio of modern cloud-based maintenance software from SAP. In addition to information on the individual products, attendees will receive details on incorporating processes using real-life examples. 

Evora will present Mobile Asset Management & Augmented Reality in real life together with the customer OMV. The project was selected as a finalist in the SAP Innovation Awards 2021. The presentation, which will take place on Day 1 of the conference, April 20 at 11:55, will highlight the following topics:

  • Impementantion of the augmented hybrid solution (on/offline)
  • Contextualized digital twins based on SAP Asset Manager and the HoloLens 2 headset
  • 3D-Model with mark-up annotations and checklist assessments, synchronized with SAP backend system
  • Benefits achieved for planning and execution of inspection and maintenance activities

The “Product Showcase” on the second day of the event, April 21 at 13:35, will then focus on maintenance in SAP with EvoSuite: efficient, mobile, paperless. The implementation of an SAP system is often only the first step in optimizing maintenance & service. Along the process, even more work steps can be digitalized, media discontinuities avoided, and routine tasks simplified. Experts from Evora are going to present EvoSuite: apps that make SAP solutions mobile & user-friendly and digitalize the complete process from planning to reporting the results.